Brody Breaks Down the Emmys

Published Sep 20, 2015 5:22 pm


Jon Hamm as Don Draper will go down as one of the greatest television characters of our time. I honestly feel like 2004 Red Sox fan. I struggled every year watching Hamm lose to Cranston and even Steve Buscemi for Boardwalk Empire. 

But justice has been served. The world is good. 


Peter Dinklage is to acting what Mark Sanchez is to fumbling. 


Do you think John Stamos left the set after filming Grandfathered and just thought, "nailed it!" I do.



Good for you Richard Jenkins. You have earned the title of Everyone's Dad, Like Ever.

More Olive Kitteridge

I already spoke about how weird it is I liked Olive Kitteridge, but that Frances McDormand's speech was awesome. It was like she was still in character. She just wanted to get out of there but went up strictly out of manners. Baller move.

A moment to make fun of my boss

Current Weekend editor Greg Gottfried just wrote this on John Oliver, "I don't know why but his voice makes me so happy. When I come back from London, there's an 89% chance that I come back with a British accident."

I genuinely hope this happens. I am imagining him looking in a mirror practicing saying bloak and mate and "Go Manchester United!"

Olive Kitteridge

Alright I'll say it! I am a 21-year old who loved Olive Kitteridge. I watched it with my 55-year old father and he was like, "mehhh," and I was like, "yayyyy." This is confusing to me as well. I am an old man. I will now begin watching the History Channel and playing backgammon.

JLD keeps gettin' dem trophies 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has six Emmy's. I don't have six of anything, do I? Six participation medals, actually. 

But Andy Greenwald of Grantland pointed out that this means Amy Poehler never wins for Parks and Rec and that is genuinely upsetting. One of the great characters of our generation goes without proper acclaim.

Sounds similar to what may happen to THE GOD THAT IS JON HAMM, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

I'm happy

I generally hate the Emmy choices. Like I stomp around the house and sulk because Jon Hamm hasn't won best actor. But so far, Veep has done well and Tambor won. Justice has been served.

Taking applications

I would love to have Jill Soloway follow me around and fake laugh at everything I do. So Brody tells another bad joke about religion, Jill is there to keep me confident. She could be like my comedy hype man. Jill, call me.

I have a secret

Taxi may have been my favorite movie for like a year. I was confused and unhappy and loved Jimmy Fallon. I wonder if its on Netflix...

Yeah I messed up

Okay yes, I missed the entire opening. I am a failure. I am aware of all of this. But I am here now and ready to blog this puppy. 

For starters, I have seen two awards and both have gone to Veep. Veep is the goods. Probably the best comedy on TV and I will stand by that until Greg takes down my blog.

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