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Friends, Hoosiers, countrymen: Lend Crean your ears

By Matt Dollinger
Published Sep 24, 2008 7:36 pm

The Indiana Memorial Union announced today that IU coach Tom Crean will give his first public speech to the IU Student Body on Oct. 6 at IU Auditorium.

In addition to discussing everything IU Basketball, Crean will also hold an extensive Q&A session at the end of his public appearance. I'm assuming he'll answer (almost) any question, so I hope the students come up with some good ones (hint: how do you stay so tan?).

So let's get the creative juices flowing. You are randomly selected from a large crowd to ask Coach Crean one question. What would you ask? Extra points for creativity.

Follow the link below for the press release.

Bloomington, IN - On Wednesday, the Indiana Memorial Union Board announced that Coach Tom Crean will give his first public address to the Indiana University student body on Monday, October 6 at 7 pm at the IU Auditorium. The lecture will be free to the public and will conclude with an extended question and answer session.

"For years, Union Board invited the men's basketball coach to speak to students and preview the upcoming season," Andrew Dahlen, Union Board Lectures Director, said. "Union Board is proud to revive this tradition as Coach Crean begins a new era in IU Men's Basketball. The lecture will give Coach Crean the opportunity to address the team's most passionate fan base. Students will get direct answers about where he wants to take the program and how he plans to rebuild it."

In his remarks, Crean will discuss his vision for the IU Men's Basketball program, recruiting highlights, his expectations for the upcoming season, and transitioning into his new position. He will also give his thoughts on leadership and what it means to be a Hoosier. At the end of his prepared remarks, Crean will take questions from students in attendance.

The lecture will be co-sponsored by the IU Auditorium, Indiana Athletics, Council for Advancing Student Leadership, and the Center for Student Leadership Development.

"Union Board and the lecture's co-sponsors are committed to giving IU students the opportunity to interact with the new coach and get an inside look at IU's most storied athletic program", Dahlen said. "By breathing new life into this IU tradition, Union Board is once again transforming the Hoosier experience, one program at a time."

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