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Clinton’s biggest fans prepare to choose ‘between 2 evils’

(10/13/08 12:56am)

It was just five months ago that graduate student Alicia Keebaugh was a raving Hillary Clinton supporter.She spent hours making fliers, organizing volunteers and convincing voters during the primary season that Clinton not only had strong stances on the issues, but a plan to make them happen. But eventually it became clear that Clinton wouldn’t be on the ballot in November.Now, Keebaugh plans to cast her vote for Republican nominee John McCain.Keebaugh represents a group of IU students who formerly supported Clinton but have somewhat lost interest in an election without her.PODCAST: Hoosier Headlines

Campaign descends on IU

(10/15/08 12:57am)

In Tuesday night’s final gubernatorial debate at the IU Auditorium, candidates sparred over the Indiana government’s ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two enormous mortgage-lending companies that the government recently rescued.Democratic candidate Jill Long Thompson accused Gov. Mitch Daniels of making risky investments with government money.“Well as you know, junk bonds are considered high-risk investments, and you know that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have had a bailout by the federal government,” Long Thompson said. “I think it’s also important to know that there’s no investment policy for those dollars.”But Daniels defended his actions, saying there are guidelines to government investments.PODCAST: Hoosier Headlines


(10/16/08 12:33am)

In a roomful of highly partisan voters, senior Jared Schneider was alone. The undecided voter watched Democratic nominee Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain battle against each other on negative campaigning and the faltering economy for 90 minutes, yet still couldn’t make up his mind. About 125 students gathered to watch the final face-off between Obama and McCain on Wednesday in the Indiana Memorial Union’s Whittenberger Auditorium. But it was clear nearly every student there had already cast their vote in their mind, laughing and mocking the other party’s candidate throughout the debate. PODCAST: Hoosier Headlines

Candidates argue abortion, taxes in final face-off

(10/16/08 12:34am)

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. – John McCain assailed Barack Obama’s character and his campaign positions on taxes, abortion and more Wednesday night, hoping to turn their final presidential debate into a launching pad for a political comeback. “You didn’t tell the American people the truth,” he said. Unruffled, and ahead in the polls, Obama parried each charge, and leveled a few of his own. “One hundred percent, John, of your ads, 100 percent of them have been negative,” Obama shot back in an uncommonly personal debate less than three weeks from Election Day.

Congressional candidates answer to voters in Jasper

(10/22/08 12:06am)

JASPER, Ind. – The audience at Tuesday night’s congressional debate was small, but the crowd was fierce. Once the candidates for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District dealt with the pre-written questions from the participants on stage, they had to face inquiries from the local residents themselves. Issues such as abortion, energy, the national language and the appropriate tax system had constituents’ patience stretched to the breaking point.SLIDESHOW: Indiana 9th District Debate

Countdown to Election Day

(10/24/08 12:38am)

INDIANAPOLIS - Democratic nominee Barack Obama won’t give up on Indiana. The Illinois senator addressed 35,000 cheering Hoosiers on Thursday in his seventh visit since the May primary, promising voters that if elected, he would fix the economy. Hoosiers turned out in sub-40 degree temperatures, some waiting since 7 a.m. for the rally Thursday at the American Legion Mall in downtown Indianapolis.SLIDESHOW: Obama in IndyPODCAST: Hoosier Headlines

Palin visits Fort Wayne

(10/26/08 11:50pm)

FORT WAYNE – Less than two weeks after John McCain made “Joe the Plumber” a household name in the 2008 elections, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin introduced Hoosiers on Saturday to two more average Joes.Palin singled out “Doug the Barber” and “Chris the Electrician” as two hard-working Americans from the crowd of about 10,000 at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne.She used the pair to support her claim that “Barack the wealth-spreader” wasn’t representing average Americans.SLIDESHOW: Sarah Palin in Fort Wayne

Predicting the unpredictable

(10/28/08 12:24am)

In just one week, the polls surrounding the political world for months won’t matter anymore.But until then, politicians depend on them, and voters use them to determine how important their vote will be.Monday’s daily Gallup poll of likely voters gives Democratic nominee Barack Obama a 50 percent to 45 percent edge over Republican nominee John McCain. CNN’s latest average of national polls shows Obama up 51 to 43.But the reliability of those polls is more complicated than voters may realize.

Dems descend on Bloomington

(10/28/08 12:27am)

In a whirlwind tour of the state, a storm of politicians descended on Bloomington on Monday night for Congressman Baron Hill’s fundraiser at the Showers Plaza.Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jill Long Thompson took her entourage on the road in her “Road to Change Tour,” which aims to hit 56 different communities in 10 days.“This is a very important county to any statewide election,” Long Thompson said. “I’m here to talk with voters and make sure that I’m doing everything I can to demonstrate how committed I am to rebuilding Indiana’s economy.”