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Projectors hang low

Another smash

In their rhythmic and offbeat way, Dirty Projectors have constructed an album that oscillates between lyrically humorous and hip-shakingly groovy.

Blaringly absurdist and experimental before and on “Swing Lo Magellan,” Dirty Projectors always gift the listener a musically varied track list.

The layered vocals and scattered percussion peppered throughout most of the tracks give the record a harmonious quality.

Yeah, harmonious is hardly a word associated with Dirty Projectors, but this album feels streamlined. Leader David Longstreth’s hums worm into your eardrums on opener “Offspring Are Blank” and never lets up.

The song’s bass is fit for the Dirty South. The electric guitar rips the rest of the song open near the end.

“Swing Lo Magellan” serves up more quantities of the first track’s goodness, but the song does a nice job of encapsulating what could and does happen on the rest of this amazing record.

By Rachel Hanley

Album: "Swing Lo Magellan"

Artist: Dirty Projectors

Genre: Indie Music

Label: Domino

Our Grade: A



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