Other trails students are blazing

Violin making: The finest violins are still made by hand, and IU has its own accredited violin shop to turn students into skilled violin-making professionals.

Food anthropology: Food cultivation, preparation and consumption are touchstones of human culture, which is why the anthropology department offers a Food Studies Ph.D. concentration. Interested undergraduates can also major in food anthropology as part of the IMP.

International medicine: Although the IU School of Medicine has more than 60 departments and specialities, international medicine isn’t one of them. Students can use the IMP to study the provision of health care around the globe and prepare themselves to practice abroad.

Interactive conversation interface: A machine’s interface is its way of interacting with human beings, whether with simple voice automation or a complex artificial intelligence program. People who study ICI through the IMP are concentrating on how to make human-computer interactions more stimulating.

Community sustainability:
Going green becomes trendier every day. Students in the IMP are helping make this trend long-term though the creation of sustainable communities that encourage healthier lifestyles and produce less waste and pollution.

Martial culture of Japan:
Want to be a master of the ways of a samurai? Become an expert on Japan’s martial past and present.

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Master the violin -- making them, that is.



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