Naked man on LSD crashes car into tree, charges pending

POSTED AT 08:48 PM ON Jul. 17, 2013  (UPDATED AT 08:48 PM ON Jul. 17, 2013)


A 21-year-old male was left hospitalized with pending charges after crashing his vehicle while on LSD July 16, Bloomington Police Department’s Sgt. Joe Crider said.

Officers responded at approximately 4:50 p.m. to the 1000 block of West 12th Street in reference to a naked man walking on the street.

At first, officers could not locate the nude man and began speaking with neighbors who eventually provided an address of where this male could be staying, Sgt. Crider said.

He was located at the address provided.

Officers asked him to sit down outside of the residence and began questioning him about his nude status. He appeared disoriented and as though he was not understanding officer’s commands, police said. 

At that point, the 21-year-old male stood up and walked inside of the residence for a short period of time and came out running.

He got inside a white Cadillac and secured himself. Officers attempted to stop him due to his disoriented condition, but he took off with the vehicle nearly striking one of the officers, police said.

A brief vehicle pursuit occurred from 12th Street to the intersection of Monroe and 17th streets where the man collided with a tree. He appeared to have fractured his leg near his ankle, police said.

He was then transported to IU Health Bloomington Hospital where he was interviewed and admitted to being under the influence of LSD.

Police said the male was admitted to the hospital and is facing charges of operating while intoxicated, creating endangerment, resisting law enforcement with a vehicle and criminal recklessness.

— Samantha Felix


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