Acton appointed leader-in-residence, poling chair

POSTED AT 11:05 PM ON Sep. 13, 2012  (UPDATED AT 11:05 PM ON Sep. 13, 2012)


Elizabeth Acton has been appointed as the Kelley School of Business’ new leader-in-residence and poling chair, the second woman to obtain this position.

She is a Kelley graduate and former chief financial officer of Comerica Bank. She worked at Ford Motor Company for 19 years, eventually rising to corporate vice president and treasurer.

“I am thrilled to be back on campus sharing my corporate experience with students,” Acton said.

“Besides preparing me for a successful career, the Kelley School was also a matchmaker for me to meet my husband of 35 years. To be the poling chair is indeed an honor.”
Acton has won many awards during her career including Northwood University’s Distinguished Women’s Award.

“Through her executive positions at the Ford Motor Co., she has played an important role in shaping the national dialogue to U.S. competitiveness,” said Dan Smith, dean of the Kelley School.

“Our students will be entering a challenging environment and we want them to have an opportunity to engage with a leader who has led a company during periods of adversity.”

— Sydney Murray


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