Man reports forced penetration at apartment

POSTED AT 01:16 PM ON Sep. 11, 2012  (UPDATED AT 12:59 PM ON Sep. 16, 2012)


An iPhone application allowing gay, bisexual and curious men to rendezvous is the catalyst in a sexual battery investigation.

A Bloomington man used the app Grindr to meet another man, 26, reportedly from Ohio, who was at a Bloomington motel.

Indiana Code does not constitute forced man-on-man penetration as rape. According to the code, a forced sexual act is considered rape only when a person knowingly or intentionally has sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex.

The victim, 23, reported to the Bloomington Police Department Saturday morning he woke up in his east-Bloomington apartment some time before 9:20 a.m. to a man straddling the front of his body, where penetration was made, Detective Sgt. John
Kovach said.

Investigators were able to locate the man the victim said is responsible for the reportedly forced act and has been cooperative with the active investigation.

The victim had a sexual assault kit performed at IU Health Bloomington Hospital, Kovach said. The victim also revealed to police the two had been drinking the night before.

The victim told police recalled waking up as the act was occurring and felt drowsy and unaware of what was happening, Kovach said.

— Michael Majchrowicz


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