BPD arrests local man in child molestation case

POSTED AT 12:19 AM ON Aug. 24, 2012 


A Bloomington man faces preliminary charges of child molestation after admitting to investigators Wednesday he fondled a 7-year-old girl as he made the child watch pornography on his computer.

Kevin M. Barber was arrested and booked into the Monroe County Jail at about 4:30 p.m., where his bond remains on hold.

During the initial interviews Monday, Barber denied the allegations of any inappropriate contact with the girl, Bloomington Police Department Detective Sgt. John Kovach said.
The victim was interviewed for the first time Monday.

Police obtained a warrant to cease Barber’s computer.

Barber admitted to investigators incidents occurred when the girl was as young as 2 and as old as 5 years, Kovach said.

Kovach said the victim’s and Barber’s statements matched.

When Barber was interviewed, his account corroborated with what the girl initially reported to her mother and what she told investigators.

The victim’s mother originally informed the Department of Child Services of the incident, and Child Services informed BPD.

After BPD received the case, investigators moved forward with the initial interviews, also at Susie’s Place, Kovach said.

Barber faces preliminary charges of child molestation, a Class B felony.

— Michael Majchrowicz


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