Woman allegedly assaults boyfriend with box cutter

POSTED AT 10:12 PM ON Aug. 20, 2012 


A Bloomington woman faces a preliminary charge of domestic aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a Class C felony, after allegedly attacking her boyfriend with a box cutter.

The incident began when the woman, Urapreciseangel Williams, 25, reportedly engaged in an argument with her boyfriend, Breon Nichols, 23, BPD Sgt. John Kovach said.

Bloomington Police Department officers responded to a call from Southern Winds Inn and Apartments at 3000 S. Walnut St., where they located Williams and Nichols.

Williams told officers Nichols took her phone as she was about to call authorities during the argument. He then disposed of the phone in an undisclosed location.
According to the report, one of two witnesses to the alleged incident reported seeing Williams strike Nichols in the head.

Witnesses told police the disposal of the phone prompted Williams to return to the apartment. Williams emerged from the complex with a box cutter and pursued Nichols, allegedly swinging the knife as Nichols walked from the scene.

Nichols reportedly raised his arms in defense and was struck across his right forearm, Kovach said.

Williams told officers in an interview that, as the argument became heated, Nichols allegedly struck her on the right side of her head.

Williams reported contusions where Nichols allegedly struck her, and the interviewing officer noted bruises, Kovach said.

BPD officers who responded recovered a box cutter speckled with what appeared to be dried blood, Kovach said.

Nichols denied the assault with the box cutter by Williams during interviews with investigators. Kovach added that Nichols said the wound was accidentally self-inflicted while trying to remove the phone out of Williams’ possession.

Nichols was treated for his injury and received stitches. Williams denies striking Nichols with the box cutter, Kovach said.

Nichols faces preliminary charges of domestic battery and interfering with the reporting of a crime, both Class A misdemeanors.
— Michael Majchrowicz


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