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After-Party not dampened by rain

POSTED AT 12:09 AM ON Aug. 17, 2012 


article STORY: CultureFest rained out

Every year, incoming freshman are given the chance to learn about IU’s rich history by attending the annual event, CultureFest.
Though CultureFest was cancelled due to severe weather, After-Party at the IU Art Museum was not.

At the museum’s entrance, greeters handed guests a “Passport to the Galleries.” Guests were asked to fill the information card indicating the title, artist name and what they liked most about their favorite pieces from the first, second and third floor galleries.

Attendees dropped their “Passport” into the box by the Angles Café & Gift Shop, which provided Italian soda for the event.
Chocolates, brownies and cookies were provided by Blu Boy Chocolate Cafe and Cakery.

“We try to make the event as fun and inviting as possible,” said Allyson Gergely, junior and special events coordinator for the event. “It’s not just about the art, but rather the whole experience.”

The museum strives every year to offer students the opportunity to visit the galleries in a more “down to earth” setting, Gergely said.

“I think most people tend to think that art museums are too high brow and this event shows that there is fun stuff available that is geared towards college students,” junior Jenn Gunter said.


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