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Drouin earns bronze medal in high jump

POSTED AT 06:35 PM ON Aug. 7, 2012  (UPDATED AT 08:12 PM ON Aug. 7, 2012)


IU junior high jumper and 2012 NCAA runner up Derek Drouin can add one more accolade to his name: Olympic medalist.

Drouin, competing for Canada, jumped for an Olympic bronze medal Tuesday afternoon, clearing 2.29 meters (7 feet, 6 inches) before failing to jump over the 2.33-meter mark.

Along with Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim and Great Britain’s Robert Grabarz, Drouin cleared each of his first three heights (2.20, 2.25 and 2.29 meters) with zero misses, putting the trio in a tie for first place.

After only Kansas State senior and 2012 NCAA Champion Erik Kynard and Russia's Ivan Ukhov cleared the 2.33 meter (7 feet, 7¾ inches) mark, Drouin, Barshim and Grabarz were tied for third.

Because all three had zero misses before that point, they all received a bronze medal.

Following Drouin’s elimination, Kynard failed to jump at the 2.36 (7 feet, 8¾ inches) and 2.38 (7 feet, 9¾ inches) meter heights while Ukhov successfully hit those jumps. Kynard finished competition with a silver medal, and Ukhov won gold.

Drouin’s bronze medal is the second for IU during the 2012 Olympics. Last week, 2012 IU graduate Margaux Farrell earned a bronze medal as part of the French 4x200 freestyle swimming relay team.

— Jordan Littman


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