Spierers, University release statements regarding website

POSTED AT 11:03 PM ON Feb. 5, 2012  (UPDATED AT 11:03 PM ON Feb. 5, 2012)


article STORY: City removes Spierer signs

The parents of missing IU student Lauren Spierer, along with site visitors and supporters, expressed disappointment Saturday at the University’s decision to “rotate” the button linking to information about the student’s disappearance.

“Lauren’s once prominent banner on the Indiana University website homepage was months ago reduced to a button, and now Indiana University plans to only post the link to Lauren’s information on the home page the first week of every month,” Robert Spierer said in a statement on the family’s Facebook page. “It will appear only randomly thereafter.”

Spierer went on to state how his daughter’s information will remain on the Protect IU page indefinitely, just not always in the banner.

“We are disappointed by this decision, as we hope to obtain information from the IU community, which will lead us to Lauren,” Spierer said. “We are still determined to do everything in our power to find our daughter.”

The University’s statement explained the information would still be available on the IU site.

“However, after eight months of displaying such information on the campus home page,, the decision was made to rotate the ‘find Lauren’ button with other information on the web site,” the University said.


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