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Twitter notebook: IU beats Kentucky edition

POSTED AT 12:16 AM ON Dec. 12, 2011 


Kentucky being booed so loudly I don’t think they can hear the introductions.

There’s a little kid wearing a UK shirt behind me. She has a sad look on her face that says someone just stole her lunch money #iubb

Thought my phone vibrated. Turned out it was bouncing up and down on the table from the noise created by that Oladipo slam #noooomeeeee

Terrence Jones has attempted ONE shot and has zero rebounds. #iubb

Anthony Davis heads to the line with Kentucky up 71-70 with 19 seconds to go. #Iubb

Oh. My. Goodness. Indiana, last second shot. #FTW!!! DOWN GOES KENTUCKY!

Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy!

Jones on why he gave it to Watford: I heard him say ‘V, V.’ I just turned around and passed it to him. The rest is history.

Calipari: “I hate to lose, but if I’m to lose, losing to Tommy is fine because of what he’s done here in the last four years.” #iubb

Crean: My suits dried out. I thought I got my first Gatorade bath but it was water thankfully. Now I know what the brother-in-laws feel like

,Man a game like today between Hoosiers & Cats is y I have a love affair with college HOOPS! #PASSIONPRIDEEMOTION

Assembly Hall’s official capacity: 17,456. Last night’s official attendance: 17,472. #iubb #BestCrowdEver

No, last night wasn’t a dream. Indiana basketball is 9-0 - and yes, they upset No. 1 Kentucky to get there.

Kirkwood this morning is adorned with broken glass, the smell of Kamchatka, frozen vomit, spent bottle rockets and an air of victory. #iubb

“You remember that time when Purdue beat Kentucky when UK was number 1 in the nation? Me neither. HOOSIERS!” - @macallah

Nothing like saying thanks to Tom Crean before Mass, and him responding, “It was fun, wasn’t it?” #iubb


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