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A letter from the director of the International Center

POSTED AT 05:44 PM ON Aug. 15, 2011 


It is always exciting for the campus and the community when a new class arrives at the beginning of the academic year. The students come eager to pursue their academic goals and join the student body.

With this excitement comes the need to become acquainted with the new environment, while at the same time processing the changes of a new language, a new culture and missing home and families.

Aware of these changes, the Indiana Daily Student has again compiled this guide especially for international students like you.

We encourage you to read it and benefit from the useful information in this guide, which will make it easier for you to get around and become familiar with what the campus has to offer.

Practical information such as transportation, where to find international food and upcoming fun activities are part of this year’s guide.

Campus life can be fun and rewarding. We hope you will take advantage of the many cultural opportunities available and the level of academic assistance available to support your goals as an IU student.

Welcome and best wishes for a successful academic year!

Sandra Britton
Director of the Leo R. Dowling International Center


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