BPD investigates stabbings

POSTED AT 02:38 PM ON Mar. 30, 2011  (UPDATED AT 02:38 PM ON Mar. 30, 2011)


The Bloomington Police Department investigated two unrelated stabbings early this morning, BPD Lt. Bill Parker said in a press release.

The first call was at 12:50 a.m. to 703 W. Gourley Pike, according to the release.

Tyler Way, 18, told police he and a juvenile male, 17, went to retaliate for allegedly being battered by resident Sean Melichar, 20, at some point in the past.

They persuaded Melichar to meet them outside, where Way reportedly stabbed him with a knife and the juvenile allegedly struck him with the hammer.

Melichar sprayed a fire extinguisher at them and also might have struck them with a bat he was carrying, according to the release. Melichar was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

BPD Sgt. Jeff Canada said Melichar was stabbed in the back and struck in the back with the hammer.

After questioning by police, Way was booked into the Monroe County Jail on a preliminary charge of attempted murder.

The juvenile faces preliminary charges of battery with a deadly weapon and intimidation with a deadly weapon, Canada said.

Melichar might also face charges relating to drugs and paraphernalia found on him and in his apartment.

The second incident came to police attention when Tynisha McClendon, 36, went to IU Health Bloomington hospital with a stab wound, according to the release.

She reported that she and her roommate argued at their apartment at 3000 S. Walnut St. When McClendon tried to leave, she was stabbed in the back.

She fled to a nearby apartment for help. Police are seeking Christina Godsey, 24, for questioning.


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