Private donations, reserves fund campus construction

POSTED AT 12:22 PM ON Sep. 17, 2010  (UPDATED AT 12:22 PM ON Sep. 17, 2010)


This academic year, IU-Bloomington will spend approximately $100 million on major construction projects.

Some of the projects include a new cyber infrastructure building, renovations to Briscoe Quad and more.

“Construction is an on going issue at IU,” said Tom Morrison, vice president for facilities and capital projects. “This year is not much different from last year or when we look ahead not much different for next year.”

The money for many of the projects has come from private philanthropy, Morrison said, as well as reserves that were already in place.

“The projects that are for RPS (Residential Programs and Services) are paid for by the residential funds and if you look at the research facilities, that typically comes from research grants,” Morrison said. “It’s rarely student tuition that funds a project.”

The new Union Street Apartment complex was not factored into this total because, Morrison said, he considers this project to be finished because students have already moved in, even though some construction is still on going.

Sophomore Melissa Wintz, a resident of the Union Street complex, said she hardly notices the construction anymore.

“I love the inside of the apartments, they’re beautiful and cozy,” Wintz said. “The construction only gets in the way when it’s dusty on my way to class.”

Morrison said he thinks the new construction projects will benefit IU in different ways.
“The residence halls will provide better living environments for the students and the research projects will certainly help faculty with discovery,” Morrison said. “It helps everyone with what they need to become successful.”

Freshman Emma Vice said she thinks the new construction will influence more students to come to IU in the future.

“I think the construction is going to create more opportunities for future students,” Vice said. “I think that it is going to be really appealing.”


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