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Men's Basketball

IU loses 89-71 to Ole Miss

POSTED AT 07:33 PM ON Nov. 19, 2009  (UPDATED AT 10:06 PM ON Nov. 19, 2009)


Tom Crean has consistently said that IU had a lot of work left before thay became a complete team.

That was evident tonight as IU lost 89-71 to Ole Miss, a veteran team with size and speed. The Hoosiers went 28-of-69 shooting and hit only three shots from outside the arc.

IU also struggled at the free-throw line. The Hoosiers were 12-of-25 and no IU player took more than six free throws.

IU was led in scoring by freshman Maurice Creek's 18 points and sophomore Verdell Jones' 17 points. Sophomore forward Tom Pritchard had eight points and senior guard Jeremiah Rivers had 14.

The freshmen had paced IU in its early games, but no player from the class, outside of Creek, scored more than five points.

Freshman forward Christian Watford had his least productive game of the season, offensively.

He was averaging 15.5 points and 10.5 rebounds. The swingman had only five points and was only 33 percent on three free throws after shooting 81 percent in the first two games.


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