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IU Athletics Director: Bill Lynch will stay

POSTED AT 10:37 AM ON Oct. 28, 2009  (UPDATED AT 05:08 PM ON Oct. 28, 2009)


IU Athletics Director Fred Glass confirmed today that football coach Bill Lynch will remain in his position as head coach of the IU football program at least until his contract expires in two years.

“I think contracts need to mean something again at Indiana University,” Glass said. “He’s in the second year of a four-year contract … I hope that and really think that coach Lynch will be very successful.”

He mentioned Sports Illustrated’s prediction that IU would win two games total this year and that he believes, but for a few plays, IU could be 6-2 this season. He also does not place the blame for the loss to Northwestern on Lynch.

“There’s been encouraging things and discouraging things,” Glass said. “I reject suggestions that that was a loss related to the coaching staff. I don’t agree with that.”

Glass said he believes Lynch will outlive that contract and the program is heading in the right direction. He said he is not thinking ahead to the possibility that the improvement does not come and the team continues to struggle.

“I don’t get into the what-ifs,” Glass said. “I certainly don’t want to speculate on if this set of circumstances happen or that sort of circumstances happen.”


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