Man says fraternity forced him to drink alcohol

POSTED AT 11:59 PM ON Feb. 1, 2009 


The IU Police Department is investigating an assault case involving a fraternity.

At 1:51 a.m. Friday an IUPD officer noticed a male subject covered in snow on the corner of Fee Lane and 10th Street, IUPD Capt. Jerry Minger said, reading from a police report.

The man appeared to be intoxicated and had injuries on his face and neck, Minger said. His right eye and upper lip were swollen, and he had cuts on his face and several cuts on his neck.

He told the officer he had been at a fraternity but had not been drinking. He said the house members forced him to drink by saying if he didn’t, he would be beaten, Minger said.

He further explained that he blacked out while he was at the fraternity and was assaulted, Minger said.

He was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. After being treated, officers arrested him for illegal consumption, and he was transported to Monroe County Jail, Minger said.

The subject wishes to press charges if police can determine who assaulted him.

Officers spoke with the president of the fraternity, but he denied any involvement. They will interview the subject later to see if he remembers anything else, Minger said.

Minger declined releasing the name of the fraternity because no charges have been filed.


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