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Obama chooses IU professor for transition team

POSTED AT 11:51 PM ON Nov. 19, 2008 


IU professor Dawn Johnsen will have a say in the next presidential administration.
Johnsen was selected Monday to be part of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team.

The IU School of Law professor will be part of the Department of Justice Review Team, according to an IU press release. Johnsen also worked for President Bill Clinton’s transition team.

Johnsen came to IU in 1998 after serving as the U.S. Department of Justice from 1993 to 1998, according to the IU School of Law’s Web site. During this time, she was acting assistant attorney general in the Clinton administration, the counsel to the president and general counsel to various executive branches.

In 2007, she released “Faithfully Executing the Laws: Internal Legal Constraints on Executive Power,” according to the IU School of Law’s Web site. Johnsen will continue teaching at IU during the transition.

IU College Democrats President Anna Strand said Johnsen’s joining Obama’s transition team only strengthens the image of IU and the IU School of Law.

“I think it reflects very well on our law school that we have a faculty member of that caliber that was chosen,” Strand said. “We have a really strong law school, and I think we are going to see growth in these things.”


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