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Edwards to speak at IU

Some question use of student fees to bring senator after admission of affair

POSTED AT 11:31 PM ON Oct. 1, 2008 


Former presidential candidate John Edwards, who in August admitted he had an extramarital affair while his wife battled cancer, will speak Nov. 11, at IU, just one week after the presidential elections.

The Union Board announced Wednesday that the former North Carolina senator will speak about how the election results will affect America’s economic and political future, said Nathan Click, Indiana Memorial Union Board public relations director, in a press release.

“This is a hands-down win for IU students and Union Board,” Union Board Lectures Director Andrew Dahlen said in the statement. “Just a week out from the election, IU students will ask one of this year’s top presidential contenders for his thoughts on this historic election.”

But some students, such as junior Justin Hill, chairman of IU Students for John McCain, don’t believe the Union Board should be using student fees to bring Edwards to campus.

“He was campaigning under a complete lie, and I don’t think our money should be paying for him to come here,” Hill said. “I don’t think he deserves a penny, especially for the fact that he’s a millionaire. We don’t need to pay that man to speak here.”

Union Board representatives would not comment Wednesday on Edwards’ speech, including how much it cost for him to speak.

Senior Bryce Wininger said many people make personal mistakes but aren’t in the spotlight like politicians.

“I just hope people put that aside and just listen to what he has to say,” Wininger said.
Edwards has remained relatively silent in the media after he admitted in August to having an affair with his campaign’s videographer.

Sophomore Shawn Walter of IU College Democrats said he began working with Union Board members in the summer to get Edwards on campus. Walter said the decision to bring Edwards didn’t change after he announced his affair.

Walter said he is excited to hear what the 2004 vice-presidential candidate has to say about the election results.

“November 11 is a great time for him to speak,” Walter said, “because people will still be charged up about the election and wondering what it means for the future.”


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