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Moon Festival highlights families, friends, food

Celebration will ‘bring back memories’

POSTED AT 10:42 PM ON Sep. 25, 2008 


Thanksgiving is less than two months away, but this Saturday the Moon Festival – a holiday with the similar values of family and food – will be celebrated by various Asian student organizations.

Junior Yan Jin, the president of the Chinese Student and Scholar Association, said the Moon Festival is similar to Thanksgiving because it celebrates quality time with family and friends.

The festival will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday in Dunn Meadow.

The festival will feature booths from the various student organizations, traditional games and cultural performances from student organizations such as the Japanese Student Association and the Korean Student Association.

Free food from the Chow Bar will also be available at the festival.

The Moon Festival would not be complete without the moon cake that is being provided from Tenth Street Market.

“A moon cake is dessert,” Jin said. “I compare that to turkey because it is the must-eat food on the day of the Moon Festival.”

For years the Asian Culture Center, along with other student organizations, has celebrated this holiday at IU because so many Asian students’ families celebrate it.

Jin said the holiday is one of the most important holidays in China’s lunar calendar.

The holiday is traditionally a Chinese holiday, but other countries also celebrate it in their own way.

This year, eight different student organizations are co-hosting the event. Senior Brandon Tran, chairman of the Asian Student Union, wrote in an e-mail that by having all the organizations participate in the event, they want to show how diverse each Asian country is.

The organizations hosting the event this year are the CSSA, Hong Kong Student Association, Japanese Student Association, Korean Student Association, Malaysian Student Association, Taiwanese Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association and ASU. Each organization represents a different culture. The different organizations will give students a perspective of how Asian countries celebrate the same holiday differently.

Tran, who is of Vietnamese heritage, said he remembers celebrating the holiday when he was younger.

“It’s a time to spend time with your family,” Tran said, “and I am sure it will bring me memories and make me miss home a bit.” 


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