Club plans full-length film

Students holding contest to select script to produce

POSTED AT 12:00 AM ON Nov. 15, 2006 


The Business Careers in Entertainment Club is out to show students and faculty why the group was recently voted IU's "Best Student Organization" by WEEKEND readers. The club is preparing to produce a full-length film, and although it will not be "coming soon to a theater near you," the script might be written by a student near you.

Junior Max Riesberg, the group's director of film and television, decided to hold a script-writing contest for the club's upcoming film while talking Hollywood on a family vacation in Aspen, Colo.

"Once I realized this was something I could work with, it just came to me," he said. "This is an unbelievable opportunity."

Riesberg said the project is only in its early stages, but it is already developing a lot of hype.

The group's president, Ashley McPherson, said she is not sure what to expect but that she is confident in Riesberg and his 25-member committee.

"I have a feeling that it is going to be huge," McPherson said.

The film committee had flirted with a few possible scripts for the film but instead opted to make a contest out of it, dubbed "ScriptTease: Expose Yourself."

Riesberg said the winner of the competition will receive significant exposure and the opportunity to have his or her idea developed into an actual film -- an opportunity few college students have.

The club will use students throughout the entire production, not just for script-writing. Riesberg mentioned musicians from the Jacobs School of Music, actors from the Department of Theatre and Drama and directors from the Department of Communications and Culture, among others, as possible candidates to work on the film.

"We're looking to involve students, not outsource," he said.

After choosing the winning script and going through preproduction stages next semester, Riesberg anticipates shooting the film toward the beginning of summer and being done filming by August. A public screening at IU is on tap for November 2007.

"If it turns out that we've made a good product, we're going to try and work the (film) festivals" Riesberg said.

The script-writing contest runs until Dec. 11. Additional information about the contest and film can be found online at


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