Fashion competes with football

POSTED AT 12:00 AM ON Feb. 7, 2006 


Who knew fashionists liked football? This was the question many were asking themselves as Olympus Fashion Week in New York City kicked off with a slow start. While editors waited for shows to begin, one could hear them placing bets on which team would win the Super Bowl. New York designers competed with the Super Bowl for guest attendance this Sunday and editors and groupies alike couldn't help but notice empty seating in many of the most sought-after venues. Still, the shows and parties went and the wine was poured.

Kenneth Coleand Textured classics

Kenneth Cole's fall 2006 collection can be summed up in two words: practical style. The first look set the tone for the show with a conservative gray pencil skirt paired with a short dark charcoal jacket. Cole did not put a twist on the classic looks but instead added texture to classic styles with fur, velvet and long chunk scarves.

The female models wore gray and blue men's trousers with lace-up shoes while sporting double-breasted coats. The look was reminiscent of the late 1930s with an emphasis on stylish practicality of winter.

Men dressing in Cole for winter 2006 can take advantage of Cole's luxurious textures. The men's collection was made up of tuxedo jackets and pants made of black velvet as well as metal-colored velvet blazers paired with a black cashmere double-breasted coat, white poplin shirts, skinny trousers, silk polka-dotted scarves and leather loafers. Cashmere turtleneck sweaters were a central part of the collection as well as classic bombers and double-breasted coats with fur on the collar. Motorcycle boots and tall boots were the shoes used to pull together the classic but luxurious looks.

Michael Wesetly: A celebration of black culture, music and fashion

One of the most anticipated shows of the season was the fall 2006 runway show of Michael Wesetly. This was Wesetly's second showing at Fashion week and he gave the audience more than a treat. Wesetly used the cast from the Broadway show "The Color Purple" and kept his audience entertained with the latest music and some very attractive men clad in stylish suits and blazers. These newbies to the fashion scene strutted down a purple runway in suits made of corduroy in shades of green, blue, brown and honey with brown elbow patches and off-centered buttons.

Wesetly kept in step with his theme by pairing the suits with striped or solid purple ties.

Other luxurious looks included a black velvet pin-striped suit, cord blazers worn with jeans and boots, and a brown-on-brown checkered blazer paired with slightly baggy jeans and newsboy caps.

Lacoste: Colorful old school flavor

This was not your usual Lacoste show. The French duo has finally put an urban/ghetto spin on what is known as a classic preppy line. The female models, in mini skirts and matching jackets in colors of purple and brown with colorful puff boots, strutted to old-school beats by hip-hop group De La Soul.

Sweater shirt dresses were also a big part of the collection as models wore red and gold striped button-down shirt-dresses with bucket hats and puff boots. Colorful trouser-shorts in red, purple and green graced the runway. Lacoste, like many other designers, made short shorts a part of its women's collection for fall 2006.

The men's pieces were not short of color as the models wore bright pink pants with orange V-neck sweaters. Purple pants with orange shoes and a blue V-neck sweater were just one of the colorful looks in the collection. Colorful blazers were also part of the collection featuring a purple- and- blue-striped blazer paired with a newsboy cap and white slacks. Lacoste also emphasized warmth as models came down the runway in fur hunting hats and suede coats with fur on the collar. Lacoste stood out from the rest of the shows whose palettes were neutral colors with hints of blue and metallic silver.

Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection: You gotta have heart

The Red Dress Collection, a show put on every season at New York Fashion Week by The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, was created to raise awareness about heart disease among women.

New York's top designers created red dresses specifically for the show for musical artists of all different genres modeled in the name of heart health.

The first celebrity to grace the runway was Lindsay Lohan who wore a floor-length long-sleeved gown made by Calvin Klein. Next came Nelly Furtado wearing Bestey Johnson as she walked down the runway to her single "I'm Like a Bird." LeAnn Womack wore a corseted dress with a bellowing bottom for Carmen Marc Valvo, and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas strutted down the runway in a short sparkling open back dress made by Daniel Swarvoski.

Eartha Kitt received a standing ovation when she sashayed down the runway wearing an open front dress revealing a shorter skirt underneath by designer Kai Milla. She also gave the audience a pleasant surprise when she showed a little leg at the end of the runway. The show ended when Elaine Stritch gave a fitting and energetic performance of "You Gotta have Heart."


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