3 held in relation to arson incident

POSTED AT 12:00 AM ON Dec. 5, 2005 


Three men face charges related to an October arson and burglary at Rally's Hamburgers, 550 S. Walnut St., that caused more than $100,000 in damages.

An anonymous tip to Bloomington Police Department Detective Kevin Hill led the investigation to suspects Donald Ray Green, Lawrence Lee Krause and Robert Shawn Mobley. All three men were arrested, and each told police they were involved but denied they had set the fire.

According to a BPD press release, firefighters at the restaurant discovered suspicious characteristics leading them to believe the Oct. 3 blaze had been set intentionally to cover up a burglary. Police later discovered a safe in the parking lot that had been removed from the building.

Green, 51, and Krause were each charged preliminarily with arson, a Class B felony, and burglary, a Class C felony. Mobley, 30, was preliminarily charged with conspiracy to commit burglary, a Class C felony.

Green and Mobley were being held at the Monroe County Jail for unrelated charges when the warrants were issued Thursday. Krause was arrested at his residence.

All three men are being held at the Monroe County Jail. Green's bond is set at $55,000 surety and $500 cash, Krause's is set at $50,000 surety only and Mobley's is set at $50,000 surety or $5,000 cash.

Man arrested for drug possession after traffic stop

Bloomington police arrested a man early Saturday morning after finding drugs during a traffic stop at the intersection of Second Street and Patterson Drive.

According to the police report, Officer Brandon Lopossa noticed the smell of marijuana while approaching a vehicle driven by James R. Gaskins, Jr.

During a search of the vehicle, Lopossa found a plastic bag with a green, leafy substance and two plastic baggies of a white powdery one, according to the report.

Gaskins told police he did not have any knowledge of the drugs or to whom they belonged. He was charged with possession of cocaine.


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