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A Heisman experience

POSTED AT 09:07 AM ON Feb. 20, 2008 


Each year around this time college football fans go nuts. Not because the season is forthcoming, but because EA Sports releases their annual "NCAA Football." 2006 is the version this year and once again it proves why they make the best sports games around.

While "NCAA Football 06" is a new game, the great thing about this series is that it builds upon previous years, allowing old-timers to reuse old tricks, while newcomers immerse themselves in college football.

Minor changes include different controls for gameplay, which could cause problems for you and your quarterback as defense blitzes and that lightening speed that was once no problem suddenly becomes impossible to use. Another change from previous years that improves on the game, making it more competitive, is a better Artificial Intelligence.

The AI is basically "the computer," a non-person opponent. In other years the run game was easy to stop, allowing you blitz all game. This year provides a different challenge, because for the first time the AI can actually run. The improved gameplay is a major improvement over year's past and for true fans of the NCAA series, this game is worth purchasing for that alone.

In addition to Matt LoVecchio and other notable 2005 stars missing from the game, the main thing that keeps gamers coming back for more besides the changing rosters are the new features. Gameplay is important, but the features are what makes the series and keeps you playing until the sun rises the next day.

Three new changes improve what 2006's NCAA predecessors have done before. First, there is a Heisman mode. If you have ever dreamed of being a Heisman trophy winner this is about as close as most mortals will come. The details are such that the player even has girlfriends -- depending upon how well he performs the girlfriend changes. In addition to competing for the top individual trophy in the land, you can learn to pick apart a defense with spring drills. The game has four modes that can make even a novice a top player. Last, but certainly not least, is the in-season recruiting. Even though recruiting is nothing new to NCAA series, the fact that recruiting is not relegated to the end of the season is an improvement. Throughout the week during dynasty mode players can be recruited and there are even pipeline schools that help only your team become the best in the land.

Overall the problems of learning a few new buttons and having to deal with more competitive AI isn't enough to dampen the otherwise much improved version of "NCAA Football 06."


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