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What if greek houses didn't exist at IU?

Published on Feb. 21, 2011 | Print | Share | Recommend ()

There are crests and symbols, bid days and formals, Big Frat Greek Weddings, and Little 500 pairs. But what if greek houses didn’t dot North Jordan, the extension, and Third Street?

If all those students wanted to live on campus, they’d be out of luck. RPS executive director Pat Connor says there wouldn’t be enough housing to contain the entire greek system. But he thinks it wouldn’t be an issue, guessing that most greeks would settle off campus.

“There would be more housing built in the off-campus sector of the Bloomington community,” Connor says.

Sophomore Amy Pasalich, a member of Pi Beta Phi, says she would live in a house with a group of friends if she didn’t have the option of living with her sorority sisters.

“I can’t imagine any girl in my house who would want to be randomly paired with a roommate anymore,” Pasalich says.

But if all the members living in the 38 greek houses on campus wanted to rejoin the dorm communities, there would need to be more than 10,500 additional beds. That’s the equivalent of 10 Wright Quads.

Bottom line: Our residence halls are already packed. In order to accommodate the greek community on campus, we’d need to convert the fraternities and sororities into giant residence halls.

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Larry Buchanan | Inside

There are 747 beds in Eigenmann Residence Center. It would take 14 Eigenmann Residence Centers to accommodate the people who live in greek houses.

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