What is a Hoosier?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines “Hoosier” as a native or resident of Indiana.
But what does it really mean?

The legacy of Marcellus Neal and Frances Marshall

Indiana University is the alma mater of many iconic and influential students. But two of the most important people to walk this campus left their legacy a century ago. Indiana removed a prohibition from its Constitution in the 1870s, allowing African Americans the right to an education. Not long after, they began to attend college. Marcellus Neal and Frances Marshall were the first African Americans to receive a degree from IU.

IU through the ages

Wondering about the history behind IU? The University has a rich past that has made it into what it is today. These events were some of the biggest, and knowing about them will give you a little insight into what you see now.

Southern Indiana at heart of nation’s limestone suppliers

The IU campus is recognized as one of the five most beautiful college campuses in the country, according to Thomas A. Gaines’ book, “The Campus as a Work of Art.” This picturesque landscape includes the widespread use of limestone.

Mythical masterpiece: Legends continue to surround Showalter Fountain

Several myths surround the fountain, such as beliefs that the statue of Venus will awaken and walk around campus if a virgin graduates, or that former IU Men’s Basketball Coach Bob Knight has one of the stolen fish in his possession.

The legacy of Herman B Wells

Before Herman B Wells took charge of IU, the University was just a small Midwestern college with 11,000 students. By the time he died in 2000, it had become a world-renowned institution with more than 90,000 students on eight campuses. “He put Indiana University on the map.”

Little 500 full of tradition, history

To the students of Indiana University, it’s not just a bike race. It’s the Little 500.
Each spring, hundreds of students turn into athletes in the largest collegiate cycling race in the country and the biggest intramural event at IU when they ride in the Little 500.

IU Cinema offers 82,000 films

After 2002, the “Little Theatre,” once abuzz with student performances, sat empty.
But after a 15-month restoration project, the IU Cinema, which opened Jan. 2011, is now home to the 82,000 movie reels the University has in its archives.


Home of the Cream & Crimson

Here at IU, we take Big Ten sports seriously, right down to where our teams practice and perform. Take a look at some of the facilities that are home to our Hoosier athletes. Make sure to attend a home game to witness Hoosier Hysteria firsthand.

The traveler's guid to th IMU

The Indiana Memorial Union is more than just a hotel. It’s the go-to spot on campus for pretty much everything. When completed in 1932, it was the world’s largest student union. We’ve broken down three of the floors to keep you from getting lost.


Letter from the Provost

This guide will open windows throughout the campus and community. It will give you a taste of the history, traditions, people, and places that shape IU and Bloomington, our home.


Let's talk about sex

Sex is usually a pretty taboo subject, but at IU’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, the bedroom is their business.


Farmer's market draws weekly vendors, crowd

For anyone who supports the local food movement, loves fresh produce or simply wants an enjoyable weekend morning, the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market is the perfect venue.

articleSTORY: Salsa contest flavors farmers market



IU traditions create Hoosier atmosphere in town

IU traditions make the University atmosphere electric. During many sporting events, the crowds are a sea of crimson and cream, with both students and alumni cheering on the team.

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