What’s a Hoosier?

Although the etymology of “Hoosier” is unknown, several theories live on.

An Adjustment

The Office of International Services acts as a link between international students, international student organizations and the Bloomington community.


With dozens of festivals, you’re never far from home – or anywhere else in the world.

A Taste of Home

Bloomington is home to several businesses that offer international options for either staying in to cook a favorite dish or spending the night on the town at one of several restaurants that offer international cuisine.

How to get around

Even though you might not have a car and are in an unfamiliar place, don’t worry - there are plenty of easy and free ways to navigate Bloomington and the areas around it.

Tips for Transitioning

IU’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides tips for international students to help with cultural adjustment.


IU offers students countless opportunities to get involved and make new friends.

International Student Stats

Students come from more than 160 countries to attend IU. Curious about where they’re from and what they’re studying? Check out these statistics.

IU Trivia

How well do you know IU?

International fashions find their niche

If you’re missing the fashions of your hometown and looking for a good place to shop, don’t worry - here are plenty of international options in downtown Bloomington.

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