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Darcie Fawcett, 40, sex crimes deputy prosecuting attorney for Monroe County, reads all reported sexual assault cases. She decides whether or not to bring the cases to court. In Emily’s case, Fawcett couldn’t prove that Emily was in fact too intoxicated to give consent. A former school teacher, Fawcett says she never saw herself prosecuting sex crimes until 4 years ago. Instead of “burying her head in the sand" in response to the issue, she said she feels she can now do something about it. Outside of work, she said she can no longer watch films with scenes of sexual violence. She can’t do anything to help them. “When we went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I looked online beforehand for when the rape scene took place,” she said. “I set a timer on my phone and when it went off, I left the theatre for that 15 minutes of the movie.”