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TV Recap: “Castle,” ‘Headhunters’

Castle attempts to be a tough guy with Detective Slaughter (guest star Adam Baldwin). (photo from

Just as last week’s episode showed what Beckett would be like without Castle, this week’s focuses on Castle without Beckett, as Castle begins shadowing Detective Slaughter, played by “Firefly” actor Adam Baldwin.

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TV Recap: “Castle,” ‘The Limey’

Beckett and Collin go undercover to retrieve a suspect's fingerprints. (photo from

The heartbreak continues for our favorite duo, as a new woman enters Castle’s life and Beckett can’t figure out what’s causing him to pull away.

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TV Recap: “Castle,” ‘47 Seconds’

Castle's world is rocked by something much more devastating than a bomb. (photo from

Heartbreaking. No word better describes “47 Seconds,” and the feeling has nothing to do with the case.

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TV Recap: “Castle,” ‘A Dance With Death’

Ryan and Esposito investigate the death of a dance show contestant. (photo from

Following the premiere of “Dancing with the Stars,” “Castle” yet again pays tribute to its lead-in as Castle and Beckett solve the murder of a contestant on a DWTS-like show. While “Castle” previously gave a shout-out to the show in 2010 by casting Tom Bergeron as a murder victim, this episode uses the dance show as the setting for a murder filled with twists and turns.

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TV Recap: ‘Castle,’ “Once Upon a Crime”

It wasn't a poisoned apple that killed this Snow White. (screencap taken from Hulu video)

The team is called to examine the body of a woman found dead in the park, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, complete with claw marks slashed into her face. Meanwhile, Martha decides to put on a one-woman show about her life, much to Castle’s dislike.

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TV Recap: ‘Castle,’ “Linchpin”

Castle and Beckett find themselves in the depths of a conspiracy. (photo from

No episode of “Castle” has ever had quite as many twists and turns as this one. Prepare for some serious whiplash.

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TV Recap: ‘Castle,’ “Pandora”

Beckett isn't too happy with Castle after she discovers Sophia (guest star Jennifer Beals) was once his muse. (photo from

The two-part episode has become a tradition for ‘Castle’ during February sweeps, and topping last year’s dirty bomb plot line was surely a hard task for the ‘Castle’ team. “Pandora” begins like most episodes with a murder, but this time, you know who the killer is from the start. He isn’t even the slightest bit afraid of Beckett when she brings him in, insisting that instead, everything she knows about the case will disappear.

Well, he’s right, because not long after this remark, the killer, Gage, vanishes from his holding cell. The body of the murder victim too disappears, after Alexis, who is, surprise, interning with Lanie much to Castle’s dislike, leaves the morgue to take a phone call. Alexis feels guilty, but the more pressing matter is how could a dead body have wandered off?

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TV Recap: ‘Castle,’ “The Blue Butterfly”

Esposito, Castle and Ryan as their 1940s alter egos (photo from

Creating an episode of ‘Castle’ told half in the present and half in the 1940s was a gamble. ‘Castle’ seems to have mastered the ability to make the audience suspend disbelief despite over-the-top plot devices, and this episode is no exception. It begins in 1947, with Castle’s alter ego, Joe the private investigator, looking across a bar and seeing Vera, imagined as Beckett, for the first time. Immediately, he is enchanted by her, and the scene fades out and into the bar in present day, only this time, instead of glitz and glamor, there’s a dead body.

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TV Recap: ‘Castle’ — Catch Up on What’s Happened in 2012

Castle and Beckett share a moment. (photo from

‘Castle’s’ fourth season is shaping up to be one of the strongest yet. As if a season opener with Beckett flatlining after a bullet to the chest wasn’t dramatic enough, we’ve since seen our favorite dynamic duo solve a murder in a “haunted” house, survive a bank hostage situation and escape from a tiger while handcuffed together, all while keeping some pretty devastating secrets from each other. That’s some pretty exciting stuff for a novelist and a cop.

So far in 2012, Castle and Beckett attended a wedding, got caught in a conspiracy involving New York’s mayor and shared custody of an adorable golden retriever. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap.
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