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Bridget is the current editor of the Weekend Watchers blog and the former television columnist for the IDS Weekend. A pop culture addict, Bridget loves television, film, food and travel. She currently writes recaps for “Downton Abbey,” “Modern Family,” and “The Office.” She’s always up for TV and film suggestions, so let her know by tweeting at @bridgetameche or @weekendwatchers.


Kate is on the Student Marketing Team for the new IU Cinema and has written for Weekend for a year. She has written film reviews and recaps for Dollhouse, Fringe and Caprica for the Weekend Watchers Blog.


Nicole Montella is a sophomore journalism major. Her obsession with pop culture might be alarming to some, but she doesn’t see a problem with E! being her favorite channel. Nicole’s musical interests include Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. Nicole is also a fan of many TV series with Gossip Girl being number one. She is an avid reader of women’s/fashion magazines and you can almost always catch her with a copy of the month’s latest issues.


Brad Sanders is the editor of Live Buzz, as well as a former editor for the WEEKEND section of the Indiana Daily Student. After interning with The Quietus in London in summer 2011 and freelancing around the mother country, he came back to America to enlighten the heathen colonists with Yorkshire Tea and Britpop. Now he writes about live and recorded music here in the States, as well as the occasional television program and movie. He’s obsessed with Twitter, so warm his heart by following him: @bradscottsand.


Vanessa Torline is an IDS copy editor and Weekend contributing writer of film reviews and original content.  She has also written theatre reviews for IDS and articles for the University of Kent Film Society magazine BigLens in Canterbury, United Kingdom. She currently writes recaps for Glee and Smash at the Weekend Watchers blog.  Her interests lie in visual entertainment, including theatre, film, television, and comics.


I blog about Castle but I also currently follow How I Met Your Mother, Cougar Town, Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope and Bones. Pop culture is the blood in my veins and I’m really glad to have a job where I can do what I love—watch television and get paid to think about it.


Brian Welk is the former editor of the Weekend Watchers blog, a former co-editor of the IDS Weekend and the current writer of the ‘Cine’cism column. He’s worked with the Weekend and IDS for three years, as an intern for Metromix Chicago and was an Editorial Assistant at Don’t Panic, an online entertainment magazine based out of London. He’s been writing film reviews since he was in 7th grade and has been maintaining a web site of all his reviews, classics articles and commentary pieces at cinecismonline.com/wordpress. You can also follow Brian on Twitter: @brianwelk.