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TV Recap: ‘Greek,’ “The First Last”

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It is Greek week time again except there is one problem; it’s been cancelled! Greek week was the last time that ZBZ gets to earn some blue ribbon points so they can be the the number one house again, Cappie wants revenge on Evan, and Cappie and Rusty get kidnapped and Casey has to get them out. Oh yeah and Calvin and Grant break up! A lot of twisted events are happening in this episode to set the show up for it’s season finale next week where Cappie is going to get the ultimate revenge.

The episode starts with Cappie and Kappa Tau’s practicing for the Greek gods of golf tournament against the Omega Chi’s and Cappie starts talking about his revenge against the Evan and the Omega Chi’s, and Rusty really wants to know what Cappie’s master plan is. He even asks Casey what the plan is but only to realize later that there is no plan.

Casey and Ashleigh learn that Greek Week has been cancelled and it is there last chance to win blue ribbon points so ZBZ can become the number one house on campus again. Casey talks to Katherine to try and petition for Greek Week but Katherine has another plan for blue ribbon points. She says that if they can prove that Greek gods of golf had a goddess competition then the contest can be reinstated. Casey gets the goddess competition reinstated in the form of a beauty pageant and she is voted in as the ZBZ representative and Rebecca is not pleased.

Meanwhile, Dale asks Calvin to meet with a friend of his from his church because he thinks he might be gay. Calvin meets with him and tries to tell him that being gay doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be alone. Calvin tells him about his relationship and then starts to realize that Grant might want to be single (he did book a gay cruise) and he is not sure what to say to him yet.

While Rusty tries to get information about the revenge plan from Cappie in the quad, they get kidnapped by a bunch of guys wearing masks of former presidents, only to find out later that those guys are their pledges. Cappie and Rusty are locked in a shed tied too chairs and realize that the golf tournament is in an hour and they try and break free. Rusty finally figures it out and get them both free and they continue fighting about the revenge plan. They go there separate ways until Cappie calls Casey to pick him up and then they eventually pick Rusty up. But unfortunately they are too late; they missed the golf tournament and Evan wins Greek god.

Meanwhile, Casey’s evening gown gets ruined at the cleaners and she has to drop out of the Greek goddess competition. She is reminded by Cappie, Ashleigh, and Rebecca that she doesn’t have to save the house and that she should hand the responsibilities down to the underclassman. So Rebecca enters the competition in her place.

Calvin talks to Grant and tells him that he would rather go to Myrtle Beach then go on a gay cruise and they start fighting but there fight ends in a break up because Grant realizes that he might want to be single for a while because he hasn’t had the chance yet. Calvin has yet another coffee with Dale’s friend and tells him the gay relationships are complicated just like any straight relationship and they need work. Dale gets angry at Calvin because he wants Dale to tell his friend that gay men can be in solid relationships too. Calvin disagrees and says that he would rather tell the truth then lie and say that gay people are always happy when that is not the case and gay relationships work and don’t work  just like straight relationships.

Dale was inspired by this information and he realized that he wanted to tell everyone the truth about Laura, the ZBZ he was hooking up with even if she only wanted to keep it in the pantry. Dale is actually hooking up with a ZBZ in the pantry… who knew that would happen? It seems more like a Fisher thing. When Laura does not agree with him he decides to tell the whole house that him and Laura are no longer hooking up and that he is back on the market. Way to stick up for yourself Dale.

Rebecca enters the Greek goddess beauty pageant and when she goes onstage everyone in Omega Chi calls her a slut and she almost starts crying when she leaves the stage. Casey goes backstage to talk to her. She tells her that it takes a very strong person to get up onstage when everyone is talking about her. Casey tells Rebecca that she is the future of ZBZ and she has the strength to win the pageant and put the house back to number one and it is time for Casey to step down. This inspires Rebecca to give a speech about her relationship with Evan and tell everyone to stop snickering at her because Evan is the only person who has the right to say anything. She wins Greek goddess and ZBZ is back to number one.

Cappie is angry that he is disqualified from the golf tournament and challenges Evan to a rematch. He makes a decision to let Rusty hit the ball and of course Rusty is a terrible golfer and barely gets  it off the tee. The Omega Chi’s get the Kappa Tau beach house for spring break and the Kappa Tau’s lose the chance to through a huge party in the Omega Chi house. But, it was all a trick. Cappie and Rusty wanted the Omega Chi’s to win because now that they are going to be at the beach house they can plan the ultimate revenge.

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