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TV Recaps: ‘Meet the Browns,’ “Meet the Bucket List” and “Meet the Racist”

Colonel and Mr. Brown make a bucket list, and Will and Sasha try to tell Joaquin about the birds and the bees in “Meet the Bucket List.”

Colonel walks in with a bruised hip because he fell roller skating. He’s been doing more exciting things — or “stupid things,” Ms. Edna says — since his friend Nick died. Nick had a bucket list, and so Colonel’s started his own. He tells Mr. Brown to join him.

“From now on, let’s live each day like it’s our last!” Colonel says.

“If I had to wake up each day next to Edna, I’d wish every day was my last,” he replies.

The next day, bald Mr. Brown comes in with a full head of hair — a Jheri curl. Colonel has a Jheri curl too, and he and Mr. Brown dress up in leather jackets and motorcycle chaps. They rent a motorcycle and decide to ride and meet Eartha Kitt, who is dead, Ms. Edna and Cora inform them.

“We gotta take that off the list,” Colonel says.

“No, don’t take her off. Just put her last,” Mr. Brown says.

Wouldn’t you know it, Colonel crashes their bike as soon as they leave the driveway.

Elsewhere, Will and Sasha forget to lock the bedroom door, and Joaquin walks in on them. It doesn’t seem like he saw much, but they decide to have “the talk” with him.

So they sit him down to talk about the birds and the bees. Jumpy and uncomfortable, they start explaining things when they get a call from the hospital about Mr. Brown and Colonel.

The old guys come home in tattered leather, feeling silly. But stop their bucket list? No way! What’s next on the list? Sky diving! Cora and Ms. Edna throw a fit to no avail. It’s not until the sky diving instructor tells them one of Colonel’s friends died sky diving that they change their minds.

Overhearing Will and Sasha struggle to explain things to Joaquin, Mr. Brown steps in.

“Do you know where babies come from?” he asks Joaquin.


“Do you wanna know where babies come from?

“Not really.”

“OK, good, go play,” he says, his point to Will and Sasha being that when Joaquin wants to know, he’ll ask them.

“Meet the Racist”

Cora is helping with the school’s prom decorations. Mr. Brown has a suggestion for what one of the banners should say.

“Don’t. Get. Pregnant!” he says.

Renee and Sasha tend to a new patient who’s a ladies man. He can’t stop making passes at them. The patient, who is black, gets upset when he learns Will is his doctor. He doesn’t want him to do his gallbladder surgery because Will is black.

Back at Brown Meadows, Cora refuses to go to the prom with Reggie. She says she was stood up for her prom and still hurts whenever she thinks about it. Reggie was stood up for three proms and took his mom to his senior one. She decides she’ll go with him.

In the hospital, the patient says he doesn’t want to offend Will but thinks Will got his job by affirmative action. He doesn’t trust him, and no matter how much Will and Sasha try to persuade him, he won’t budge. He wants a white doctor and yells for another doctor — until he has a heart attack.

When he wakes up, they tell him Will saved his life. He says he owes Will an apology. He thanks Will and shakes his hand.

Cora thinks she’s been stood up again until she goes inside Brown Meadows. Reggie, Mr. Brown, Brianna and Joaquin have decorated the place like the prom. It’s Cora’s own prom. She’s excited to say the least.

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