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TV Recaps: ‘Meet the Browns,’ “Meet Mom Again” and “Meet the Lovers”

The board continues its review of Will, and Sasha is fed up with Will’s lying around the house.

Will’s mom, Vera, enters the picture again, carousing with him while Sasha works to support the family. She has come to lift Will’s spirits while he is suspended.

In comes Troy, one of the doctors at the hospital, who notices Sasha has not been herself lately. She doesn’t get along with Vera, and Will’s suspension is wearing on her. Troy asks Sasha out for coffee on her break.

Meanwhile, Brianna and a friend from school have to take care of a fake baby for a class. Of course, Brianna doesn’t take it seriously and leaves the baby with her friend while she goes to the mall. Somehow, he loses the baby, and Mr. Brown ends up taking care of it. The two kids learn their lesson ­— neither of them is ready to be a parent.

Sasha sees Will and Vera are going out again, and Vera tells Will she has a surprise for you.

“You’re leaving tonight?!” Sasha gasps, feigning.

It turns out Vera has invited Tameco, a busty hairdresser whom Will hasn’t seen since they broke off their engagement years ago. She flirts with Will right in front of Sasha, who takes Will into the kitchen and says she doesn’t trust Vera and Tameco. She forbids him to go out with them.

“Go on, and see how this plays out,” she says.

“I will,” he says.

At the hospital, exasperated Sasha is getting off work when — who else? — Troy comes by. She asks him if he’s still up for coffee, and they leave together.

Back at Brown Meadows, Will comes in from the karaoke bar with Tameco. Will tries to show her the door, but she coaxes him to let her stay awhile. She starts coming on to Will, who squirms and eventually stands up to tell her he’s a happily married man. Apparently Vera had been trying to set them up.

But Will does the right thing, tells Tameco to leave, and confronts his mom about trying to subvert his marriage. He leaves for the hospital to apologize to Sasha for his behavior. Way to go, Will.

But when he enters the hospital with a bouquet of flowers, the secretary tells him Sasha left a long time ago.

“Meet the Lovers”

Mr. Brown says his job as a janitor at the hospital is not enough to pay the bills since Will has been suspended.

So he takes a job as the hall monitor at Cora’s school.

But he seems more help than good as he takes the job too seriously, harassing students and distracting teachers. He even interrupts Cora’s class to solve a case of a fake hall pass.

“All right, listen up, you perpetrators … delinquents,” he says. “I’m gonna search everybody’s backpacks.”

He goes around the room waving his big, heavy flashlight around, and he even shakes everything out of one girl’s purse.

“I’m scarin’ ’em straight,” he explains to Cora.

Principal Gordon comes in and asks Mr. Brown to speak with him in the hallway, where he tells Mr. Brown he’s doing too much and is out of control. So he’s putting him on probation — on just his first day of work!

Meanwhile, Sasha is busy working at the hospital when Troy comes up and says he had a good time last night. She thanks him for listening to her vent about Will. He asks when her next break is and if they can talk, but Sasha politely declines because they’ve done enough talking already.

“You’re right,” Troy says, looking both ways and then planting a kiss square on Sasha’s lips.

She shoves him away, appalled.

“Are you crazy?” she yells.

Troy apologizes, apparently misunderstanding their talk. Later, he tries to talk to Sasha about the situation, but she won’t have any of it. Then he suggests maybe he should talk to the board and tell the truth about what he knows about Will.


As Sasha and Troy talk, Will comes in. Troy puts a smile on then leaves. Will goes on to apologize to Sasha for being selfish and unreasonable while she’s been supportive of him. He finally admits that expecting her to lie to the review board was wrong. Reconciled, they embrace.

And Mr. Brown survives his first day at work, although Principal Gordon was about to fire him. With the principal watching, Mr. Brown harasses a student and discovers it was he who gave the fake hall passes.

“And I woulda gotten away with it if it weren’t for this meddlin’ hall monitor!” the student laments.

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