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TV RECAP: ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”

Photo courtesy of CBSIn the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard, Howard and Raj are out on a camping trip so that they might view a rare meteor shower. At the beginning of the episode, we find the boys setting up all their equipment and preparing to conduct their scientific research. They comment that they miss Sheldon…and then crack up hysterically. Clearly, they are glad he couldn’t come.

In the next scene, we find Sheldon sitting at home by himself, equally as glad to be void of human company. Moments later, however, Sheldon’s peace and quiet is disrupted when Penny shrieks his name from across the hall. He makes his way over to find Penny in the bathtub, claiming she slipped and dislocated her shoulder. For the remainder of the episode, the two are caught up trying to get Penny to the hospital.

It begins with Sheldon trying to help Penny get dressed, while not looking at her naked or feeling her up. Sheldon fails at both. Once they get to the car, Sheldon comments that he has never actually operated a motor vehicle. They proceed to the hospital at 5 mph while the whole world goes around them. Finally, they make it to the hospital and Penny and Sheldon endure the ER waiting room.

Meanwhile, the boys have encountered a nice pair of older ladies at the campsite next to theirs…and Howard sees them as possible prospects for the evening. Leonard comments that they can’t be that hard up for sex…but both Howard and Raj confirm that they really are. Howard then shares a box of cookies that these two women gave him with the guys. Oh, and by the way, these “ladies” were in a VW Microbus and wearing Grateful Dead t-shirts.

In the next scene, all three of the boys are high on the “special” treats from the camp next door. They completely zonk out, are starving and searching for food in the same empty cooler again and again, and completely forget why they are there in the first place. The meteor show occurs behind them, but despite being totally oblivious to it, the boys still have a very wonderful time laughing and being boys around the old campfire.

Penny and Sheldon return home to Penny’s apartment, and just as Sheldon goes to say goodnight, Penny asks Sheldon to help her into bed…and then starts hysterically laughing. With her arm in a sling and her head in the clouds from painkillers, she asks Sheldon to sing the “Soft Kitty” song. Sheldon informs her that the “Soft Kitty” song is only for when you are sick, but Penny convinces him nonetheless. The episode ends with the two singing the song in a round on Penny’s bed, and the boys out high as a kite in the wilderness.

This episode was mostly a sitcom-style comedy to keep the audience satisfied until next week, and it sufficed. The comedic timing between Penny and Sheldon was excellent, even in scenes where the writing dragged on a bit. The boys obviously had a great time pretending to be high on the “special” treats, and the episode as a whole was an enjoyable bridge until next week.

The next episode of The Big Bang Theory will air on CBS next Monday, November 23, at 9:30 p.m. To check out videos, photos, and chat with other fans, visit

1 comment to TV RECAP: ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”

  • Sarah Hann

    I LOVED this episode. Sheldon and Penny were hilarious, and the guys being high was the BEST THING EVER. Raj the Bunny King? And oh, the best: Howard confessing to sleeping with his cousin.

    Really an awesome, awesome episode – not normal Big Bang Theory-style, but really funny nonetheless.

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