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Star Trek hype machine revs up

J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” revamp has been smoldering beneath the surface for the most part. There hasn’t been a whole lot of press or hype for the film aside from a few posters released at Comic-Con this summer [one of which is seen below, courtesy of the Hollywood News]. Really, the most we’ve heard about the flick is hubbub over the release date change from this December to May 2009.


But as we close in on the end of 2008, chances are Paramount and Abrams are going to market the living hell out of this damn movie. They have a daunting task ahead of them because as much as people like to talk about “Trekkies” and all that, the original series, which this film is arguably based on, began 42 years ago. That’s a lot time.

Therefore, they need to make sure this film appeals to not just the older, diehard fans because we know they’ll be there opening day no matter what. No, instead Abrams must make this film appealing to the younger generation and really just the general public. I mean I’m a sci-fi buff, but I could seriously care less about “Star Trek.” I respect what it did for the genre, but I don’t give a crap.

Nevertheless, the marketing has begun. Today, all the major film web sites across the web were given one photo each from the reboot/prequel/origin story, and honestly, they’re pretty cool. Obviously Abrams is going to get the hype machine going at least to get people in the theaters opening day [he did pretty well with "Cloverfield" right?], but the major question is really if the film is going to be any good. This photos make me, a non-Trekkie, at least hopeful. I wonder what the diehards are saying.

Either way, check out this photo from MTV’s Movie blog:

Scope the others at UGO, AICN, IGN, and this creepy one of Eric Bana as the villain from Jo Blo.

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