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TV Recap: “Glee” ‘Thanksgiving’

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You can take the gang out of high school, but you can’t take high school out of the gang (at least for Quinn and Santana). All of the favorites are back home this week for Thanksgiving break just in time to help the new glee club prepare for Sectionals. Finn brings in all the old crew and pairs them with a new member to help prep for sectionals and get the club at their best before the big day. Quinn is paired with Kitty, her mini me, and the two bond instantly as Kitty admits she wants to be just like her. Kitty is giving Quinn some false information though about Marley and Jake. Santana is paired with Marley who finds laxatives in her bag and questions her about it. Santana doesn’t believe the story though and goes to Quinn since she knows Kitty is up to something. Quinn defends Kitty and think Marley is the one who is causing some problems, which brings up the old rivalry between Quinn and Santana. Quinn says that Santana needs to stop being so jealous of her life and Santana tells Quinn to get off her high horse. The two end up slapping each other and bringing some old memories back to life.

Kurt and Rachael decide to spend Thanksgiving together in NYC and according to Rachael, really start to leave their old lives behind. One late night at, Kurt ends up talking to Isabelle, his boss, about his love life and she encourages him to just accept Blaine’s apology. Inspired, Kurt calls Blaine and the two share a beautifully tragic phone call and a promise to see each other at Christmas. In the mean time, Isabelle invites some of her friends to Kurt and Rachael’s and has a “kiki” to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Sectionals finally arrives and at the last minute Ryder gives his dancing spot with Marley to Jake since the two are now dating and Ryder knows she still isn’t feeling her best. Their competition is the dazzling Warblers (there’s just something about those blazers and that perfect hair/smile) and a Mennonite group who perform a stirring rendition of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.” New Directions closes the show with “Gangnam Style” complete with confetti, but the lack of food in her system and nerves proves too much for Marley and she faints on stage mid-performance.

Serious question: can anyone tell me what a kiki is and what Carrie Bradshaw has to do with it?

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