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TV Recap: “Nashville” ‘Lovesick Blues’

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Rayna and Juliette are fighting inch by inch during this week’s Nashville to try and avoid singing together for their record label’s anniversary concert. Rayna thinks Juliette isn’t deserving of the legendary venue or all the praise she gets because of her reputation and age. Juliette thinks that Rayna is old news and that she is being used to help boost her sales and numbers. The two can barely decide on a song to sing before Rayna decides that the best way to do this is to write an original piece together. The two stay up all night and the performance blows the audience away which isn’t good for their plans of never working together again and to stop pretending they like each other.

Juliette is also having some issues in the romance department. Her new relationship with football player Shaun is causing some negative attention for him and his game despite helping Juliette and her career. The two are still in the new puppy love stage, but Shaun pulls away when Juliette wants to take it further. She reads this as him just using her for appearances and she even thinks he is gay. She forces him out and can’t believe she has been screwed over again by love. Shaun appears before her big performance with flowers and explains that he definitely isn’t gay, but that he is traditional and wants to wait until marriage. The two are back on good terms, but I can’t imagine Juliette being okay with this arrangement for long.

Teddy’s former fling-or lack there of according to him- is coming back to haunt him after Coleman shows him the images he plans to leak if he doesn’t drop out of the campaign. Lamar wants Teddy to come clean in the media and explain that the pictures were taken out of context and that there is no affair. First though, Teddy needs to tell Rayna. Lamar just can’t let Teddy lose so he is also going to bring up the drug charges although Teddy knows those weren’t his pills. The election is causing more problems for Teddy and giving Rayna even more reason to hate her father.

Scarlett is going through her own lovesick blues after the break-up with Avery. She attempts to go see him, but finds his new half naked manager and is finally convinced that he’s not the one for her. Avery is pretty upset about the whole thing too since Scarlett isn’t there anymore for support, but his career is more important. Deacon can’t stand to see her like this so he says she has to get out of the house. Gunnar’s new girlfriend helps with this and takes Scarlett out for a night on the town. As the drinks, guys and booze start flowing, Gunnar doesn’t like what he sees and doesn’t want Scarlett to do something she’ll regret. Although I’m happy that Gunnar and Scarlett are potentially finding their way to each other, Gunnar’s girlfriend isn’t too pleased with how her plans backfired.

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  • Nicole Montella

    Thanks Giana! And I know what you mean about finals! Almost done though!

  • Giana

    I honestly thought that it was going to take a whole season before Scarlett left Avery for Gunnar, but at this rate, I might get to see them together before the season finale! One of my coworkers at DISH thinks that Gunnar’s girlfriend will make things difficult in the studio if he dumps her for Scarlett, but being that she was the one who didn’t want to get serious in the first place I think nothing but good will happen from it. I’m happy that I enabled the Primetime Anytime feature on my DISH Hopper a while back because I otherwise would’ve missed last night’s episode. Finals week has been horrendous, so it’s been nice to know that my DVR is recording all the primetime shows from the four major networks so I can focus on graduating on time!

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