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TV Recap: “New Girl” ‘Eggs’

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Babies are on the brain during this week’s New Girl. Jess and CeCe are having dinner with their lesbian couple friends when the two announce that they are pregnant. One of woman is a gynecologist and starts explaining to Jess and CeCe about fertility and development of eggs. She tells them as you get older, the amount of fertile eggs left drops drastically and Jess starts to panic because she is right at that age. CeCe isn’t too concerned because she isn’t ready to have kids yet, but Jess convinces her to go take the test. Jess, despite her worrying, is perfectly fine and in fact is very high for her age group. CeCe on the other hand isn’t as fortunate as Jess and basically needs to decide now on the baby issue. She decides to talk to Robby about the subject and he admits he wants kids…in ten years. CeCe doesn’t say anything about her issue, but doubts about the future of their relationship start to arise.

Winston is finally in a happy place after the drama with his latest ex-girlfriend. He has a new job at a radio show, but he works at night so he sleeps all during the day. Nick isn’t as lucky as Winston and still feels like his life has no direction. Winston thinks Nick’s problem is that he has a problem finishing things he starts so Nick decides he is finally going to write his zombie novel. Winston promises he will be first to read it, but Nick hits some roadblocks during the way. He is feeling very uninspired and decides to become like Ernest Hemingway and have some life experiences. He forces Winston to come to the zoo with him despite his altered sleep schedule and Nick just ends up getting drunk at the zoo. Winston is sick of it all and finally tells Nick it’s okay to be scared and just take a chance. Nick stays up all night to finish and although the end result is horrible, Winston is just happy Nick finally finished something.

Schmidt is having some own issues in a very different department. The sex contract he has with his boss isn’t working out for the best as they are both a little unhappy with the arrangement. Schmidt has never had this experience with a girl and he goes to see Jess’ gyno friend to reinforce his confidence in his skills. He is reassured he is fine and the two decide that you need to be in love to have that connection with someone. Schmidt admits that he loved CeCe and made a mistake when it ended.

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