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TV Recap: “Once Upon a Time,” ‘Child of the Moon’

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Last Sunday on Once, we were treated to little more information about Ruby/Red—about how she learned to control her wolf side in the past, and how she may have momentarily lost that control in the present.  King George also plays a major role in Storybrooke for the first time.

In the past, Red and Snow are traveling together to escape the queen’s soldiers.  Red rips her hood (which if you recall prevents her from turning wolf) and is afraid it won’t work.  Her and Snow separate so Snow will be safe, but plan to meet after the full moon.

In Storybrooke, the dwarves finally find fairy dust in the mines! They will be able to power Jefferson’s hat and bring Snow and Emma back to Storybrooke.

In the present, Red turns Granny’s freezer into a bunker to keep herself in—she hasn’t turned in 28 years and she is afraid she won’t remember how to control it.   She locks herself in at night but still breaks out. The next day, Charming and Granny find her in the woods and assure her that she didn’t hurt anyone, but when the three discover the mutilated body of one of the townsfolk, Red is sure she did it and asks to get locked up.

King George is meanwhile rallying the townsfolk against David and Red, casting him as an inept leader and her as a murderous beast.  David irrationally assures Red that he knows she is good and wouldn’t have done this. Watching the show, you know this will end up being true, but he still has no way of knowing it. She blacked out and turned into a ferocious beast that once killed the man she loved on accident. I’d say his confidence is misplaced.

In the past, Red’s cloak protects her from becoming a wolf, but someone steals it while she is waking up.  The thief turns out to be another werewolf. He leads her to his pack, headed by none other than Red’s mother, Anita. Red spends the night with the wolves learning to control her inner beast.

Present-day Red wants to be locked in a cell to keep her from hurting anyone, but Belle offers the library.  They plan to shackle Red to the wall, and Belle was planning to stay all night with Red.  Unfortunately, Red is convinced that she has killed a man, and that she deserves whatever George and his mob of townsfolk will do to her.  She shackles Belle up and leaves to submit to the mob

Back in the Enchanted Forest of old, Snow finally tracks down Red’s pack’s lair: she was worried when Red didn’t show up the next day. Red explains that she wants to stay with her mom, but before Snow can leave, several of the queen’s men storm the place, killing one of the wolves.  Anita blames Snow for the death. She believes Snow should die and Red is unable to convince her otherwise.  She transforms into a wolf and advances on Snow, but Red makes a transformation of her own and tackles her mother. Though Red was only trying to deter, not seriously injure, her mom, she landed on a fire poker and it pierced her straight through.  Anita dies, refusing to accept Red after she chose Snow over her.   Red buries her mom and explains that Granny wanted her to be all human and Anita wanted her to be all wolf, but Snow is her true family because she accepts both sides of her.

We turn back to Storybrooke, where Charming finds Ruby’s stolen cloak, along with a bloody axe, in George’s car. He stole her cloak and killed the man, so she would transform and think she killed him.  This is all in an effort to show the town that David isn’t a good leader.

David Shows up just in the nick of time to prevent the townspeople from cornering and killing Red.  George, now universally understood as the villain, escapes and Charming and Red follow him.   They find him as he throws Jefferson’s hat in the fire, destroying any chance of bringing Emma and Snow back through its portal.

Henry has another dream and actually gets a real burn from the fire in the dream. Regina takes him to Rumple who gives him a potion that will let him control the dream.  The next time he sleeps he is able to put the fire out.  He sees Aurora in the dream, and introduces himself.  We flash to a sleeping Aurora, who wakes to tell Emma and Snow that she met a boy in her dream, and his name was Henry.

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