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TV Recap: Elementary, “One Way to Get off”

Captain Gregson's former partner Terry D'Amico returns in an episode of Elementary that hints at the Captain's backstory. Photo courtesy of CBS.

Someone in terrifying, dead-eyed clown makeup and a hoodie walks through an apartment in which two people are tied up with pillows over their faces. The Someone shoots the two of them in the head.

Holmes is giving Watson the silent treatment for bringing up Irene, but she protests. “I’m your sober partner. It’s my job to overstep my bounds.” He slips away to investigate a double homicide.

It’s similar to Wade Crewes murders of 1999, which involved home invasions in which wealthy couples were murdered. Each time he stole one shoe from the wife’s expensive collection. Gregson arrested Crewes 13 years ago.

Holmes thinks there was an accomplice. Gregson is reluctant to follow up.

Watson tracks Holmes to the station. Holmes snaps, “stop trying to ‘reach’ me and things can go back to the way they were.” Watson walks away.

Bell found threatening emails from a man named Walsh. Holmes finds a young Russian woman chained in the basement. Walsh purchased her as a prostitute.

The accomplice is using the same gun from 13 years ago.

Watson visits Holmes’ rehab center to begin her Irene investigation. His psychiatrist says Holmes never gave any personal information. She discovers a gardener/beekeeper that knew Holmes. “He used to tell me I was the only person in this place without an agenda. I took that to mean he liked me.” Edson gives her letters from Irene to Holmes.

Holmes called in Terry D’Amico, Gregson’s former partner to discuss Holmes’ theory. Gregson agrees to help investigate, but believes Crewes was completely guilty. He’s offended that Holmes wants to re-analyze the case Gregson closed 13 years ago. Crewes accuses Gregson of planting evidence. Gregson points out that the woman, Carla Figeura, that Crewes claimed as his alibi, rejected his claim.

Gregson: “We put Crewes away on good evidence.” Holmes thinks he’s hiding something.

Holmes watches tapes of Gregson and D’Amico interrogating Crewes 13 years ago. Holmes finds evidence that Gregson or D’Amico planted evidence against Crewes. Gregson denies it.

Holmes returns to the apartment and puts Irene’s letters in the blender.

Gregson confronts D’Amico, who admits to planting evidence. Gregson won’t cover it up: “If I let this happen on my watch, I’m owning up to it.”

Former suspect Victor Nardin is in New York again after being in prison for 12 years. Holmes and Watson break into his hotel room to investigate. They find the murder weapon (for all the murders) beneath the floorboards. Gregson calls them and reports a triple homicide, with the same MO.

Holmes proves Nardin is innocent by throwing an orange at his face. Nardin has only one good eye and could not have shot anyone. He thinks Crewes is working with an accomplice to frame Nardin and free himself.

Crewes had a son with Carla Figuera, who was lying about not having an affair with him. The son, Sean, volunteered at Crewes’ prison and taught Crewes to read. Sean conspired with Crewes to prove his innocence by committing copycat murders. Crewes stays imprisoned, case closed.

Back at the apartment, sad music plays as Holmes confesses to Watson about Irene. “She died… we were quite close. I did not take her passing well.” He turns away. “Good night.”

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