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TV Recap: “Nashville” ‘You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)

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Scandal is the name of the game in Nashville this week. Teddy is still way behind in the polls despite his and Lamar’s best efforts. Teddy and Coleman have an appearance together to sign a pledge to keep the city green, but Coleman is conveniently stopped by a police officer on the way there (thanks to Lamar). What was supposed to be just a routine traffic stop turns into an arrest after they find pills in Coleman’s car (he never threw them out after Deacon gave them to him last week). Teddy knows this went too far and Rayna knows something is up, but Teddy won’t admit to anything. Coleman publicly explains the situation and Deacon tries to help him, but Coleman insists he remain anonymous. Coleman has his own dirt of his own on Teddy after compromising photos of him and Peggy fall into Coleman’s lap. Now he just has to decide what he wants to do with them.

Rayna is still making progress on her album. She finds a hip producer who she wants to help with her record, but is shot down immediately by him. He says she’s too soccer mom and SUV and their sounds just don’t match. Rayna is very persistent however and goes back the next day to hand over her CD. He finally agrees to help after some drinks and recording session that opened up another side of Rayna. Rayna brings the track to her label who won’t approve it because they don’t work with that particular producer. Rayna feels the label is just trying to hurt her now so she threatens to leave.

Juliette is still trying to clean up her image so her publicist sets her up on a date with good boy football player Shaun. Juliette thinks he’s boring and admits she’s only doing this for show. However, he starts to intrigue her and the two end up in Miami for a night on the town. Things get rough though when a photographer won’t leave Juliette alone and Shun pushes him to the ground. The photographer gets his own revenge as he threatens to publish the photos of Shaun looking intoxicated (although he doesn’t drink) and expose the incident. Juliette pays the photographer off though and bargains with him to get the photos and keep Shaun’s image.

Avery is still on the quest for his big break, but he’s about to cross the line. He gets set up with a promoter through a friend, but the deal ends up falling through. He is just about to give up when he meets Marilyn Rhodes, another manager who is very interested in Avery and his band. Marilyn though only sends young male acts under 30 and sleeps with every single one. Avery goes over just to talk and walks away before anything happens. Meanwhile while he is there Scarlett goes to talk to Deacon and he fills her in on Marilyn. Scarlett can’t believe he would even go over there if he knew her reputation. This was the last straw so she packed her bags and left as Avery decides to make a deal with Marilyn.

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  • Nicole Montella

    Thanks Morgan!

  • Morgan

    Great recap! There was so much going on in this episode, and I was flabbergasted that my wish came true and Scarlett finally left Avery! I was watching this episode earlier today while my son was down for his nap. One of my coworkers from DISH showed me earlier this week that I can connect my Bluetooth to my DISH Hopper and listen to my shows without waking up my little guy. I like to keep an eye on him while I watch my DVR and in this case, I woke him up with all my cheering! Kudos to Scarlett and to Juliette for doing the right things this week. :)

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