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TV Recap: “The New Normal” ‘Unplugged’

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Technology is taking over The New Normal. Nana decides to get her real estate license in California since she’s staying until Goldie has the baby. Rocky tells her it would be easier if she took the classes online, but Nana is skeptical about the Internet. Rocky tells her she needs to build her brand online otherwise she won’t exist so Rocky teaches Nana about the power of Twitter. Nana gains an unreal amount of followers in a matter of hours simply because she speaks her crazy mind. She then wants to learn about photos and videos and finds a video of Bryan singing and dancing for David as a wedding gift. She posts it and all hell breaks loose.

Goldie can’t handle all the technology anymore and wants everyone to go tech free. Everyone is doing just fine without their cell phones, but Shania decides to go even bigger and go Amish. They go without all technology/modern day electricity and everyone learns what it really means to connect. That is until Bryan cheats and finds the video and Twitter backlash.

He goes to Nana in a furious rage and she explains that if he didn’t want it posted, he shouldn’t have filmed it. Nana feels that nothing is private and sacred anymore due to the Internet and she has no qualms about embarrassing Bryan. The next day at work, everyone is giving Bryan crap about the video and watching it non-stop. However, he realizes how much everyone appreciates what he did and that love doesn’t care about gender. He is even trending on Twitter and Bryan decides to turn the situation into a positive and live up the attention.

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