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TV Recap: “New Girl” ‘Menzies’

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Jess is still having a rough time especially this week (ladies you will be able to relate). Because she still hasn’t been able to find a steady job and paycheck, Jess can’t make her portion of the utilities bill. Schmidt is tired of covering for her and decides he’s going to show some tough love and turn off the hot water. Jess freaks out and throws out the P word that shuts everyone up-PMS. Nick isn’t buying it anymore and Jess gets into with him about his anger management issues that Nick doesn’t seem to think he has. However, he gets angry during the examples and conversation and decides to go for a walk.

Nick meets a silent stranger in the park who becomes his guiding light. He goes to visit him more and gets advice on how to be calm and control his anger. This little Buddha takes Nick into a wading pool where he holds Nick to help wash away his anger and Nick comes out a better, less angrier man for it.

Winston admits that he thinks he has linked on to Jess’ cycle and is PMSing now as well. Schmidt explains to Winston that that isn’t humanly possible, but Winston has been doing research and found explanations for his condition. He and Jess are going through the hell together, but Winston finally admits that he still upset about the break-up with Shelby. Nick knows what will help and takes him to the wading pool where he found inner peace.

Jess is on a hunt for a job and goes in to interview for a teaching position, but starts crying at a picture of a puppy that she finds out from the interviewer is now dead. This is all just too much for menstrual Jess to handle and she ends up not getting the job. She blames it all on her body at the moment and Nick says that’s not the reason. He thinks Jess has just lost all her confidence and needs to get back up and try again. After a trip to the pool, Jess goes back for the same job interview and gets the position.

Schmidt is having some own problems of his own. The vice president of his company has been hitting on him and offers a proposal involving sexual favors. He is hesitant to agree to this, but he gets some new perspective after he kisses CeCe because she is trying to prove she’s not a nice girl like her boyfriend thinks. Although the kiss proves to CeCe that she is the nice girl and should be with Robby, it crushes Schmidt since he still loves her and decides the agreement with the boss is exactly what she needed.

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