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TV Recap: “Revenge”, ‘Exposure’

This week’s episode gave us a lot of drama. Surprise, surprise.

This week’s epi is all about Mason, evil and conniving Mason. He tries to be sneaky, but Emily just won’t allow that. He thinks that her and Amanda have been having a love affair (wow, way off on that one Mason) and threatens to publish it. He at least has finally figured out that Emily and Amanda were at the same juvie center. Emily keeps it cool and tells him that’s not true. So, instead Mason goes to Amanda, who still hormonal from having little Carl, freaks out and basically gives away everything Emily’s worked for. I’ve always disliked that girl and her curly hair.

Lots of love going on for Emily in this episode, with Jack, Aiden and Daniel surrounding her. Amanda reveals that she’s engaged to Jack, and Emily doesn’t really seem to care. Is she not as in love with him as we thought? Maybe she’s a little preoccupied with Revenge. Or that hottie Aiden.

Speaking of Aidan, that boy is getting into some trouble. He is infiltrating Grayson Global with Daniel. He convinces Nolan to virtually give up his business for Emily by proving that David Clarke invested in his business, which somehow proves that Grayson Global owns Nolcorp or something. That doesn’t really seem to connect with me, but whatever, I’m sure the business world of the Hamptons is much too complicated for me.

Emily stops Amanda from killing Mason and then finally tells him the truth, that she’s really Amanda. She convinces him to help her in retribution for ruining her father’s life. (If you’re surprised that she’s being so nice to him, just wait a bit. She then tells Mason to tell Kara that she needs to leave town for good. He then goes farther than Emily wanted and tells Kara about the Grayson’s plot to set up David Clarke. Oh gosh. It only gets worse when Emily tells Mason that Kara is off her meds. This girl goes crazy and storms into the Grayson mansion and holds the King and Queen by gun point. Emily calls Aidan, who comes to the rescue and grabs Kara out of the room while Conrad and Victoria are blindfolded and expecting to die.

Mason goes home, only to realize that Emily’s tipped off the police and told them he had something to do with Victoria’s plane going down. This is helped by the fact that Nolan put the sound box from Victoria’s plane in Mason’s house. There’s the Emily we know and love. He goes straight to jail, where Emily comes to see him and convinces him to say he did the crimes in order to stay in jail and write the novel of a lifetime- all about her. She says she’ll let him out after she confesses to all of her planned crimes, and then he’ll be let free and have the best novel he’s ever written. That’s too good of an offer for Mason to pass up, and I’m sure he’ll look good in orange.

Aidan and Emily make out on her porch, but is that really surprising at this point? Hope Daniel didn’t see…

Until next week!

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  • Kristina

    I will never ever come
    To this webite again. Because od this annoying thing that you can’t switch off unless you press the like button
    Or tweet
    Very very very annoying

  • JimmyMackey

    I think what Nolan does for Emily is so noble, but she doesn’t give him enough credit or attention and I think eventually he will be betrayed or get bitter from her using him. I just hope Nolan stays honest even when he’s at his worst because he has the smarts to go to the dark side. I know my wife and DISH coworker love the show too and they talk for an hour when they get together. I always have the show when she comes over because the PrimeTime Anytime I have on my DISH Hopper is set to automatically record all of the evening shows on the four major networks. That way I don’t worry about missing a timer and disappointed women who want to watch their soap.

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