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TV Recap: “Glee” ‘The Role You Were Born to Play’

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Glee is finally back after a too long hiatus. And there is no better combination to come back with than Grease and Glee. Finn is still down in the dumps after his series of unfortunate events involving loosing Rachael, his position in the Army and moving back home to work in his dad’s tire shop. Artie offers Finn the position to help co-direct the musical with him to get him back on track.

The glee club comes alive with auditions and fights for roles as Artie and Finn start audition with help from Mercedes and Mike. The group desperately wants Blaine to play Danny Zuko, but Blaine doesn’t feel he can play the role fully since it’s a romance and he is devastated with his break-up from Kurt. He agrees to just play the part of “teen angel” instead.

New girl Marley wants Sandy and is almost a shoe-in until Kitty, the evil Cheerio, decides to challenge her for the part to make sure Marley doesn’t end up being as star as well as with new transfer student hunk Ryder. Kitty convinces Jake to try out with her for Danny and the two go against Marley and Ryder for a sing off. Ryder however wasn’t as easily convinced to audition. He’s a football player who also happens to be getting terrible grades (aka Finn two years ago). Finn convinces him that the way to turn things around is to join the club and Ryder does so successfully by getting the role of Zuko opposite of Marley as Sandy.

Unique wants to play the role of Rizzo, but he doesn’t think they will allow him to play a female role. He gives an incredible audition though and Finn wants him to have the role. Sue, however, isn’t thrilled about this decision and calls a meeting with Principle Figgins, Mr. Schu and Finn. Sue thinks it’ll be confusing and cause controversy for Unique to play this role and promises she will throw a fit if he is cast. Finn stands up to her and says she doesn’t have the authority to make that decision. Before the cast list is posted, Finn talks to Unique to tell him he got the role and Unique is overcome with emotion. He said he’s finally happy to just have a place and belong. He has never had that since he identifies as a female, but is physically a male.

Will and Emma are wrapped up in their own problems. Will wants Emma to go to D.C. with him, but Emma feels like Will is asking to put her dreams second to his. Will acknowledges how he asked was wrong, but he still wants Emma to go. Emma agrees, but Coach Beast knows Emma is lying. She encourages Emma to not give up who she is for Will and Emma finally admits to Will that she doesn’t want to go.

Finn is really embracing his role as director and happy to finally feel like himself again. Because Mr. Schu is leaving, he asks Finn is he wants to be the director of the glee club while he is away. And we will find that out next week.

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