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TV Recap: “Revenge”, ‘Intuition’

Emily sees something surprising in this week's episode of Revenge

Oh, Revenge, how you hold so much drama.

This week’s episode was slightly cuh-razier than usual. Which is good because the last couple of weeks have been a bit dull. Then again, what episode of Revenge isn’t crazy?

So, to recap: white man is dead, Victoria has publicly accepted Amanda and Emily hears her mother’s voice on the White man’s phone.

This week we being with a Grayson maid cleaning up a bloody mess and Victoria throws paper in a fire…Uh. Oh. Emily and Aidan on the beach. I think he needs to wear tighter shirts. Emily confronts him, telling him that she figured out he was the police officer that caused Emily’s mother to run away. Aidan tells her that he retrieved a key from Gordon’s pocket, but again warns her to watch out because her mother has been changed by the white haired man. I mean, obviously something’s wrong with her mother! She was in a mental institution for god’s sake. Anyways, we transition to the lovely breakfast table of the Grayson’s. Victoria is worried about the white haired man, and Conrad has installed a camera outside of Charlotte’s room. Victoria asks her for David Thorne’s diary, but Charlotte tells her that she’ll have to ask Amanda herself. Victoria takes Emily’s well placed bait, and asks Amanda to come over, and bring the diary, of course.

Nolan gives Emily access to his security cameras in the Grayson Manor, and him and Padma talk business. Nolan finds out that his father died, and no one told him. That’s sad. Was it wrong that I kind of always expected that David was his father? Maybe it was the white haired guy. Anything’s possible in this show. Jump to Declan. Sigh, he’s so blah. Obviously something’s going to go wrong if you are stupid and try to steal things in a small town. Declan tells Jack, and he’s obviously annoyed. I would’ve sent that brother away on my boat to Haiti a long time ago.

Amanda and Victoria read the diary together, and Victoria wants to buy it from her. Emily says she doesn’t want money, she wants to know who her mother is. Victoria tells her the same lies, she died in a mental institute, blah, blah, blah. Daniel’s trying to hack into Grayson Corp, or something like that. He’s finally realized that his father is corrupting the company. Duh, Daniel. He also finds out that Ashley has been working with his father to keep tabs on him. Duh, again. At least he’s wising up a bit. How about you move out like a big boy?

Aidan meets Emily’s mother again and tries to get her to tell him everything. She takes him inside and tells Aidan that Gordon left her a hard drive. The stupid guy (obviously not the Japanese revenge teacher’s best pupil) turns his back on Kara and she tasers him. Sigh. Emily convinces Amanda to go the baby shower Victoria is throwing her, and to accept a check for the diary. Emily says they’ll use the signature to compare it to the mental institute’s sign in book. Really? Victoria’s handwriting can’t be found anywhere else? Sigh. Victoria gives her the check as a shower gift (how nice) and the handwriting matches! Victoria tells Amanda that her mother tried to kill her when she was a child, that’s why her father kept her away from him. Amanda reaches for Victoria in surprise but slips over the railing, falling to the lower level. Everyone comes running and Emily calls the ambulance. Is she going to be okay???

While we wait for the answer to that, we see Padma and Nolan kiss (I thought he was gay?) she discovers a check from David Clarke, Aidan escapes, and Kara hears on the radio (weird news coverage, Hamptons) that her daughter is in the hospital. If she comes to the hospital, is she going to be able to tell that Amanda’s not really her daughter???? They induced Amanda into a coma and the baby boy (who’s a lot older than a not full term baby is) has been born, but he’s still in intensive care. Emily sees her mother comforting Amanda, and remembers her trying to drown her as a child. Aidan comes to Emily’s house and comforts her as she cries. What a nice moment.

Well..That was an interesting episode. Next week we see a flash of Victoria and Kara meeting once again, so that should be interesting!

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