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TV Recap: Glee, “The New Rachel”

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My favorite band of misfits is back! I can’t tell you how excited I was for Glee to start again. It just makes me smile and dance and sing for an hour, which is always very necessary at the end of a week.

Rachel is living the New York dream (well, kind of). She started classes at NYADA and her new dance teacher, Cassandra July (Kate Hudson!), is chewing her up and spitting her out. She’s a tough New Yorker who is determined to put Rachel Berry from Ohio (the turd of Michigan according to her) in her place. She calls Kurt telling him how great everything is, but has a meltdown at the end and calls in tears. Lucky for her, Kurt has a surprise to help her though.

Back in Lima, the new New Directions are reaping the benefits of winning a national championship. They are now the popular kids who get to lunch with the cheerleaders and football players. However, they are veering away from their “everyone is welcome” glee club mantra. They are becoming selective in who they want in the club as well as treating people who are different just like they were treated before they were cool.

Blaine, Tina, Brittany and Unique are all fighting to be “the new Rachel.” Having a sing off to “Call Me Maybe” and being judged by Artie, Blaine is finally chosen as the new leader of the club.

Blaine is having his own struggles with Kurt, who is still in Lima. Blaine thinks Kurt is wasting away his talent by staying home and even though he didn’t get into NYADA, he still needs to be in NYC. Kurt finally decides to go (surprise Rachel!) and shares a touching moment with his father as he drops him off at the airport. Mr. Hummel is so supportive of Kurt and his dreams and is a true example of the kind of parent every child should have.

The club holds auditions to try and fill the roles of Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Santana, Puck and Mercedes. Marlee blows the club away with her rendition of “New York State of Mind.” She is chosen to be the newest member, but becomes weary when she hears the club making fun of the lunch lady, who happens to be her mom. She thought New Directions was different, but now she’s not so sure. Another audition from Jack blew them away, but he was cut off before his song ended which prompted him to storm off and knock over a music stand. Mr. Schu finds out that Jack is actually Puckerman’s half brother, which explains the mean streak. Jake still refuses to be in the club after Mr. Schu offers and is content being angry.

This season is already so different, but I would be lying if I didn’t miss Santana’s sass or Mercedes’ attitude. It’ll definitely take some time getting used to this new class, but there are promising new characters coming in. A new cheerleader in town who is Quinn’s twin minus the malfunction who I’m sure Sue will be using to plot with in the upcoming episodes. And next week is another Britney episode. As a fan since “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” I can’t exactly explain how excited I am for this.

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